All about Football star Charles Johnson: his stats, contract, age, salary, and more

December 2, 2015
First Published On: December 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Athletic build, friendly smile and a world class athlete are the first phrases Minnesota Vikings star, Charles Johnson’s name brings into the mind of any sports fan. The footballer already has 3 seasons of experience in NFL. He plays as a wide receiver. At the age of 26 right now, many sports pundits believe he just might be the “Next Big Thing”.

Charles Johnson actively played four sports namely basketball, baseball, track and football in the earlier stages of his life. However, he dropped the other 3 sports during his high school to pursue his career in American Football. Charles Johnson started his football career of as wide receiver in his high school football team, “Loyd Memorial Juggernauts”.

After catching 38 passes for 567 yards and 5 touchdowns in his senior year, Johnson quickly rose among the ranks with his teammates.  He played college football at various universities. He spent a year at Eastern Kentucky University, where he caught 3 passes in 63 yards, in just 11 appearances. His skills were on the show in his final year at the “Grand Valley State University” where he caught 72 passes for 1,199 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Charles Johnson’s break into the big league came when he performed outstandingly well in “pro day” of GSVU. The recruiters form “Green Bay Packers” were reportedly present in the event. They were impressed by his performance. He was selected with the 216th overall pick by the “Green Bay Packers“ in NFL draft of 2013.

He was signed by “Cleveland Browns” of the “Packers” in winter of 2013. His chance to grab the spotlight finally came when he was signed off the Brown’s practice squad on September of 2013. He signed a 3-year contract with the Vikings worth $1.5 million dollars.

Johnson showed exceptional form in his early years as a Viking. He already has 31 catches for 475 yards and 2 touchdown. This stat clearly raised some eyebrows. He quickly became one of the most sought after talent in the league. To secure his service, Vikings penned a new contract with the footballer in the year 2015.The new contract saw him receive  the sum of $585000 for 2015 and $600000 for the year 2016.The player becomes a restricted free agent in year 2017.

He brings home the sum of $517000 as his average salary. He has a charming personality and has been described as friendly and helpful by many people close to him. This certainly makes him one of the most eligible Bachelors out there. The sportsman has also stated that he has no girlfriend in his recent interviews. This gives all of his female fans a glimmer of hope of having a shot at the football star.

Johnson keeps in touch with his fan through his twitter handle @Mrincrediblexii