All about Cristina Ferrare's love life: her two husbands, divorce and children

September 3, 2015
First Published On: September 3, 2015
by HitBerry

She may be old now, but Christina Ferrare has definitely lived the glam life. Now age 65 and not as young, Ferrare was one of the most sought after women during her days. Today, we take a close look at the former model, TV actress, television talk show host and a beauty icon.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio to parents Renata and Tavio Ferrare, a butcher by profession, Cristina’s family is actually of Northern Italian descent. She was only 14 year old when her family moved to Los Angeles, California and that was when her dazzling looks that her to sign a contract with a major modeling agency. Yes at 14 years of age!! Must have been one hot model! Not only this, it also eventually landed her a contract with 20th Century Fox film studios. Maybe it was her charm or something else, boys were definitely attracted. Her three marriages fit this statement.

Her first marriage was to Nicholas Thomas, of whom little is known. Rumors were that she was so saddened with the affair that she tried to keep it closed. Well, we definitely don’t have any news in this matter regardless.

Moving on, she next married automobile executive John DeLorean who already had adopted a son Zachary while single. Nonetheless, she was also cool to this idea. After Zachary, they then had a daughter, Kathryn. However, she and De Lorean divorced in 1985 amidst many lawsuits. Even Newspapers at the time were bustling with their gossips. And no, gossips were rare during those days. Very very rare! More on that later!!

She then married entertainment industry executive Anthony Thomopoulos with whom she further had two children – daughter Alexandra and Arianne. This time though, her marriage proved strong and the two remain together even now. How lovely!

Back to her relationship with DeLorean, while Ferrare's career as a TV personality was reaching miles, DeLorean's business fortunes had sadly been jeopardized . After the car company went bankrupt, John DeLorean was trapped in a case operated by the F.B.I. in 1982. Not only this, DeLorean was also guilty of trafficking in cocaine. After the release of her husband, they apparently went Christians again. (What this means we don’t know!!). If Twitter was present back then, boy would this news have gone viral.

Enough of the talk related to her love life. Career wise, she was a huge success (her net worth is in millions). But her career does not end with acting and modeling. She has also tried her hand in writing. Not a famed writer though, she does have a few books to her name which includes "Cristina Ferrare's Family Entertaining", "Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache", and "Realistically Ever After". Today, she is working for Creative Brands Group, designing jewelry, home accessories and furniture.