All about Corin Nemec's love life: his ex-wife Jami , his divorce, ex-girlfriends and more

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015

Corin Nemec may be a phenomenal actor, but he is better known for his love life. He has been known to have dated a number of Hollywood celebrities and was a young Drew Barrymore’s first love. She still cherishes the moments she spent with him. She has even said “He was such a gentleman”, when asked about him.

Corin has been married once and has two children out of the marriage – a daughter named Sadie and a boy named Lucas. He was married to Jami Schahn from the year 2002 to 2009. The couple, even after being divorced, still maintain a friendly relationship and have opted for joint custody of their children. They have said jointly “we are not going to let our differences affect our children’s lives.” Their children, Sadie and Lucas, spent equal time with both Corin and Jami.

Corin and Jamie were high school couples, although Corin was all by himself in LA for a brief time period. He has said he was in a casual relationship with Drew who took it rather too seriously. After being a couple since the ninth grade all the way through college and even after, they wed in an extravagant ceremony in their home town Little Rock. Folks in Little Rock have said that it was the biggest event witnessed by Little Rock Inhabitants.

Corin, after his divorce with wife Jami, took time off from his career and focused on the well being of his children so that they may not be affected mentally.  He spent a year and a half looking after this children, driving them to school and back, taking them out on picnics, campings and fishing.

After taking a hiatus from his personal as well as professional life, he returned to the screen with cameo appearances in Supernatural and was seen as a regular in the web series Star-Ving. He also announced that he was dating actress Danielle Harris, whom he met a couple of months prior to announcing their relationship publicly. However, his relationship with his then girlfriend Harris was extremely short lived and the couple split after being in a relationship for just less than nine months.

Corin has had a fairly successful career as a Television actor with over thirty onscreen appearances, both in movies and on TV. He was seen as a part of the hit US TV show Supernatural and also in the world wide popular NCIS:Los Angeles. He will also appear in an upcoming film Lake Placid vs Ananconda, which is set for release this November.

He is somewhat popular on social net working platforms like Twitter with over 17K Followers and can be followed @imcorinnemec.  His estimated net worth is $1.5 Million.