All about Canadian actor Diego Klattenhoff and his secret family: his mysterious wife and their 3 year old son

Diego Klatenhoff isn’t your usual celebrity. He hails from a place, which he says is forty five minutes away from a small town. Coming from a humble background, he hasn’t let stardom affect him, even a bit. In fact, he is often seen taking part in sports engagements with his neighbors in L.A. He is known to be an excellent sportsman, particularly in baseball, Ice hockey and golf. He is also a very good swimmer.

Diego married his high school sweetheart, whom he had been dating for over ten years. His wife to this day has remained outside the public’s gaze. When Diego was asked why has she never appeared on screen or on events with him, he said “she is a simple woman who does not like attention one bit”.

Diego and his mysterious wife have a son together who was born in 2012. Diego has been seen taking his toddler out for a walk in the park with his wife. He also has reportedly started invigorating the culture of sports in his son. His wife is from Canada and has been known to spend most parts of the year back home with her son.

Diego has said that he loves his wife and son and does everything he can to spend more time with them. His wife spends most part of the year back home in Canada and not in L.A. He has said “We come from colder climates and prefer it that way.” Diego is known for being an excellent cook and loves cooking for his wife. She is definitely appreciative of his cooking skills and often compares him to top chefs from around the world.

Diego, apart from his personal life, has had a thriving career in Hollywood. He was a regular cast member of the hit TV show Homeland and has also recently been cast as one of the key characters for another hit TV show, The Blacklist.

Diego has been hailed by many for his outstanding acting abilities and has been a recipient of many prestigious nominations in the field of Television, most importantly for his Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance in a drama series. After he was cast in the show “The Blacklist”, the series premiered to a record 12.6 Million viewers.

Diego Klattenhoff has always been slightly taller than most of his co-stars. He has a height of 5ft 11 and he normally towers over most of his female co-stars, who just love that he has a perfect man posture. While most of his fans have been confused about whether or not he is an American, he has rightfully addressed this many times by publicly proclaiming that his nationality is Canadian.

He, unlike the many of the TV stars of today, isn’t much of a social net worker and seldom post fresh feeds online. However he can be followed @DKlanttenhoff on Twitter. He does not use the popular picture sharing site Instagram.