All about actor Wagner Moura's accomplished wife, whom he married in 2001

October 17, 2015
First Published On: October 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Brazilian television and stage actor Wagner Moura, aged 39, is not only a talented young Hollywood actor and singer, but also a loving husband, who has an accomplished wife named Sandra Delgado.

The Narcos actor, who has shown his acting skills in his beloved home land Brazil and USA as well, has always been luckier in comparison to other Latin celebs. He has gained widespread recognition in his own country and is equally popular in Hollywood as well. But this has not stopped Moura from being a loyal husband and a loving father.

Today, we are here to discuss about Moura’s talented journalist and photographer wife Delgado instead of Moura himself. We have unearthed quite a lot of inside information about the pair, which will answer all the questions you’ve had about them. The couple married in 2001 after dating for a long time. After their wedding, there was no looking back for both of them. They welcomed their three adorable children Salvador Moura, Bem Moura and José Moura.

According to our source, Moura’s wife is accomplished, not only in her professional life but in her personal and family life as well. The insider claimed to know Delgado closely and said that she was a wonderful woman who befriends everybody she meets.

“Wagner gives all the credit of his success in Hollywood to Sandra. He is very thankful to her because it was after their marriage that he earned fame and recognition,” said the insider.

The informant added: “Sandra has always been there for him; in his good times and bad times. She has never left him. Being a successful actor in Brazil, Wagner wanted to step into Hollywood, but was a bit scared. But Sandra helped him out. She is a journalist, so she is pretty confident and has infused some of that confidence in him as well. She encouraged him to move forward and moved to the States with him.

“She actually gave up her career in Brazil for her husband, you know. But everything happened according to plan and now Wagner is playing the lead role in Narcos.” the insider elaborated.

The gossipmonger also added that Delgado was continuing her job as a journalist and the couple was quite happy with their three boys. Adding more to her already long list of achievements, the source jokingly revealed that Delgado was a great cook. When asked how they knew, they replied: “Well I have tasted the food she cooked. Wagner has a sweet tooth, so Sandra usually prepares cakes, cookies and pastries for the family and I must tell you she is an amazing cook.

“She is actually a pretty talented woman who leads her family. She takes care of everyone and Wagner loves her more than anyone else in the world,” the informant concluded.