All about actor David Anders' previous girlfriends and his rumored wedding plans with his current lover

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

Proclaimed, as one of the sexiest men in Britain for two years running (2004 and 2005) by the famous Sneak magazine, David Anders is known have been the love interest of many females celebrities all over the world.

David’s most recent public involvement was with actress Nina Dobrev. They were seen frequenting each other’s places more often than earlier. Nina, who had recently split up with her boyfriend Ian at the time was rumored to be finding solace with David. Some sources even claimed that Nina and Ian’s split was due to Nina’s close relationship with David.

David’s other involvement, which caught the media’s attention, was when it was speculated that he was dating his Heroes co star Mia Maestro, while shooting the series. The duo was seen together a lot and Mia was also seen spending the nights at David’s place. However, David dispelled the rumor by publicly stating that he and Mia was just good friends and nothing more.

At the moment, David is dating a woman who has not been named to anyone outside their close friends and family. They were recently seen together shopping for an engagement ring at Tiffany’s in Hollywood. This mysterious lady has been David’s sole lover for the last year or so, even though David has remained silent about her identity. Close friends of Davis have revealed that they might even tie the knot soon.

David has had a very successful career in TV. He was been cast as a lead character in several top TV series in the US. David’s most popular role was the character of Julian Sark on Alias. He is also known for portraying the character of Adam Monroe on the show Heroes.

David has been recently cast as one of the main characters in the Heroes series sequel Heroes Reborn. The series has just stared to air and is garnering huge success everywhere. Other roles he has portrayed that are fan favorites include his character on the Vampire Diaries and Once upon a time. Due to his character in the aforementioned series, he was one of the most sought after celebrity in the San Diego Comic Con of 2015.

David is just thirty four years of age and is considered one of the leading fashion icons for men around the globe. As he ages, he just seems to have gotten more elegant. His height is six feet, which has given him a movie star posture. His height might be one of the reasons behind him getting many of his numerous modeling contracts.

David is a popular figure among men in their twenties, who follow him for his stylish get up and for fashion advice from one of the most fashionable men in the world today. He has over 130K followers on Twitter and can be followed @QuestionAnders. David isn’t very active in the popular photo sharing site Instagram.