Alix Bailey Divorced Louis C.K. Know about their Married Life and Children

Alix Bailey is an American artist and actor, well-known for marrying Louis C. K. AKA Louis Szekely is an American writer, editor, producer, actor, and comedian. Alix Bailey has also starred in some short films like "Searching for Nixon".

Today, here we will be talking about Alix Bailey's married life. She was married to Louis C. K but later got divorced. Know more about her personal life and the reason for divorce.  

Alix Bailey and Louis C. K’s Marital Life

Alix and Louis have always managed to keep their personal life secret and locked inside the box. How hard they tried to hide their personal information, their marital relationship made them able to be in the spotlight much after their divorce.

Alix hasn't shared much information regarding their love life and ever talked around in the media. However, Alix Bailey married Louis C. K in the year 1995. Allocating information from several sources, it is believed that Alix was there for Louis even before he became a celebrity. So, we can claim that the couple has dated for a very long time. 

Louis C. K Louis C. K   Source: img4

The couple was married for around 13 years. Isn't it a really wonderful thing that the couple shared 13 years of bond together? But the main question is why the couple got divorced even after 13 years of the marital relationship? Let's find out.  

Actually, the duo couple kept their personal thing secret and away from social media even after divorce. The couple split up and they even didn't share any news of separation or any divorce issues ever. People claimed that they were one of the most stable couples in town. But...

Like we all know, the future is something that we're not bound to know about. And sad to say, the couple got divorced in the year 2008 after sharing 13 wonderful years together. But what about their children? Alix and Louis welcomed children together after getting married. So now let's find out their adorable children.      

Louis C. K with Pamela Adlon Louis C. K with Pamela Adlon     Source: dailymail

Before heading towards their children, we would like to share some information regarding the couple affairs after getting divorced.  

Going to the flashback, there is no record of Alix Bailey's past affairs whereas Louis C. K once shared the relationship with American comic Sarah Silverman. Sarah is now dating Michael Sheen since Feb 2014. Similarly, Louise C.K was spotted walking arm in arm with Pamela Adlon.

Alix Bailey and Louis C. K's Children

As the couple lived together for around 13 years and divorced, every people are now curious about their children. People are surfing the internet trying to figure out their children. Actually, Alix and Louis are blessed with two children in total.

Louis C. K with his children Louis C. K with his children    Source: mrminds

Firstly, Alix and Louis welcomed their first child, a baby girl in the year 2002 right after seven long years of their marriage. The couple named their first children Kitty Szekely. Later after three years of the first child, Alix gave birth to their second child, Mary Louise Szekely in 2005.

Currently, Kitty Szekely is 16 years old and Mary Louise is 13 years old. The couple shared joint custody of their children.