Alison Brie and Dave Franco were both at the Golden Globes But Not Together,Know the Reason

January 14, 2018
First Published On: January 14, 2018
by Ross

Alison Brie and Dave Franco had a good relationship when they were on screen matchups in The Little Hours. The couple has not only been together for long but they recently got married. That’s right, most of you probably didn’t even know that the duo is now husband and wife but they have already been married for about half a year.

Recently the couple went to the Golden Globes, but were not in together, what could be the reason behind it? Are they getting divorced? Well, if you want to know all in detail about the couple’s relationship as well as about the secret marriage, keep on scrolling and keep on reading.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco at the Golden Globes

The beautiful pair, Alison Brie and Dave Franco even though didn’t come to the Golden Globes together, they actually won the ‘Cutest Couple’ of the night. And they definitely deserved it! Both of them looked glamorous in matching the black outfit.

[ CAPTION: Alison Brie and Dave Franco on the Golden Globe 2018 ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Now moving on to the reason why the couple didn’t show up to the Golden Globes 2018, they were asked in an interview in the Golden Globes itself. They answered that they came with their respective siblings instead of coming together. Which sounds ok because it is no compulsion to attend to these functions with your partner every single time.

Relationship between Dave Franco and Alison Brie

As mentioned earlier, Dave and Alison are already married. It is true that they got married secretly but how long can a celebrity hide about their married life to the whole world?

The couple started dating back in January 2012. After dating for 3 whole years, they got engaged and after a year of engagement, they finally tied the knot on 13th March 2017.

[ CAPTION: Alison Brie and Dave Franco ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

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When asked about their marriage, Dave Franco said that Alison Brie was the one and the only option for marriage. And similarly, when asked to Alison, she said that their marriage had made her feel more ‘free’.

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At their engagement, Dave gave her a rose-cut diamond ring. The two have a very good relationship. Until today, there are no rumors or controversies about them getting separated or anything. Let’s hope that they live together happily ever after.