Alike Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and Jim Morrison; Indian superstar Sridevi also a victim of bathtub death

The sudden demise of legendary actor Sridevi has now left her millions of fans heartbroken, and till the date, the exact reason and details behind her unfortunate death are still yet to be released.


Also, there is no any clear information on when her body would be released. The 54 years old or say Indian cinema’s first woman superstar died in her hotel room on Saturday, 24 Feb 2018 in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Uncanny Similarities death; Did Sridevi die like Whitney Houston?

Soon after the death of Sridevi got leaked in the media, representatives claim that the superstar died of cardiac arrest. But later Dubai-based Gulf News is claiming that she died after being drowned in the bathtub.

Furthermore, the sources claim that Sridevi’s filmmaker husband Boney Kapoor found her unconscious in the bathtub filled with water. She was then rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Gulf News also added that the superstar was under the influence of alcohol and might have fallen into the bathtub, drowned and later died.

All reasons for Sridevi’s death aside, people are now questioning about Boney Kapoor’s interrogation and his surprise arriving in Dubai. Moreover, people are asking how can bathtub drown her.

You know, bathtub deaths seem like an alien concept in the context of India, but these kinds of tragedies have been recorded in countries like US and Japan. Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and Jim Morrison also died in bathtubs.