Ali Velshi Married Lori Wachs; Know his Married Life and Children

Ali Velshi married Lori Wachs back in 2009 and is now spending a quality time together. Velshi is a Canadian television journalist, a senior economic and business correspondent for NBC News, anchor of MSNBC Live whereas Lori Wachs worked in equity markets as a risk arbitrage analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs belong to two separate careers but are enjoying a healthy relationship which is the best thing for the couple. So, today let's discuss Ali Velshi's married life with Lori Wachs. Also, get to know about their children:

Ali Velshi Married Lori Wachs

Do you know Velshi is the second husband of Wachs? She even has two children from her previous relationship. For your kind information, it's not the first marriage for both of them.

Back to the business! Ali Velshi first met Lori Wachs in the show in the early 2000s. Soon after love blossomed in-between the couple and the couple started dating. The couple faced several problems and challenges in their long-term relationship but successfully overcame them.

Ali Velshi Married Lori Wachs Ali Velshi Married Lori Wachs    Source: phillymag

After dating for a very long time, Ali Velshi married Lori Wachs in the year 2009. The couple kept everything about their marriage ceremony behind the curtains. The date, venue, and the number of guest list of their marriage ceremony is still not revealed by the couple.

Sources claim that the pair always has a tough time to cope with their busy routines. But they wisely maintain a balance between their professional and personal life. After the couple tied the knot, they are able to spend time together only during their weekends.

Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs    Source: Ecelebrityfacts

Once Wachs shared that the longest time they spent together was a two-week trip. So, what do you think guys? Are they able to maintain their relationship? Hell yes! Balancing professional and personal life, the couple is able to maintain a smooth relationship.

At the moment, it's been almost eight years that the couple tied the knot and since then they are living a blissful married life. There are no any rumors of divorce or separation of Velshi and Wachs with the media.

Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs's Children

As we previously said, this is not the first marriage for both; Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs. Wachs has two children from her first marriage. But she did not reveal anything about her children and the father of the children.

Lori Wachs's Children Lori Wachs's Children   Source: Ecelebrityfacts

Velshi was also married when he was in his 20s. The name of his wife, children, and duration of their marriage is not revealed.

Now sources claim that Velshi has three children in total. However, the names of their children are not disclosed.

Keeping everything behind the curtains, Ali Velshi is enjoying a blissful married life with wife Lori Wachs without any divorce or separation issues.