Is Alexandra Shipp single? Disclose her past affairs and relationships

HitBerryPublished on   26 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

You might know, Alexander Shipp from the Marvel superhero movie X-Men Apocalypse. After portraying the role of Ororo Munroe aka storm, she gained fame among X-Men fans. Once you become a public face people will get more eager to know about your personal life.

Alexander Shipp is an American actress, best known for her role as a Storm X-Men Apocalypse. Apart from this, you might know for her roles in Straight out of the Compton. After appearing in several her male fans are wondering if she is single or is dating someone; So, without further delay, let's get to know more on the personal side of Alexandra Shipp's life.

Is Alexandra Shipp single?

Shipp who rose to fame just after appearing on the major role in X-Men, and she still remains mysterious in concern to her dating life but today we are going to dig deep into her personal life to find out if Alexandar has a boyfriend. Well, she is not secretive when it comes to stepping into the spotlight.

Actress Alexandra Shipp attends Meghan Trainor's record release party for her debut album "Title" at Warwick, source: House of Anubis

Many of the sources have confirmed that this beauty is in her single life. Where celebrities of her same age, are rumored to be dating their c0-star, Alexander somehow managed to make her personal life private.

So what might be the reason? Like other new faces in Hollywood, the 26-year-old Alexandra is focused on her career. With her upcoming X-Men spin-off, Shipp hasn't been much in public appearances but in social media platform, Alexandra is quite active.

Alexandra Shipp at X-Men Apocalypse, source: Collider

After going through her Instagram post, it looks she doesn't regret being single. Most of her time, Alexandar spends her time with friends and keeps busy with works.

As for now, there are no rumors of Shipp seeing anyone. But the ravishing party pictures in social media says that she is not missing out all the single ladies' fun.

Alexandra Shipp past affairs and relationships

It's not a big surprise when the news of celebrities break-up pops out in the internet. Screen heartthrob James McAvoy and Alexandra Shipp's dating rumor started after they appeared in X-Men which was right after McAvoy's splits from wife Anne-Marie.

James McAvoy and Alexandra Shipp, source: Perez Hilton

These two X-men star's dating rumor suddenly spread on the internet like wildfire and it was pretty appealing as a news because James was done with his former wife Marie, and was very much available for a new love.

Some sources have claimed these actors got pretty close while filming X-Men Apocalypse and the rumors started to flow on the internet while James and Alexandra were filming and promoting movie around the globe.

James McAvoy and Alexandra Shipp, source:   Daily Mail

In one of the pictures from the premiere of the movie, James was seen resting his hands on Alexandra's hips and media once again found another moment to give this rumor more fuel.

James McAvoy and Alexandra Shipp, source:  Daily Mail

But they didn't really come up as a couple to the public. Looks like their relationship was just limited to friends, but we can again argue that the smoke never rises without a fire; hence we would totally like to see them as a couple like every one of her fans do. Let's hope the X-men spin-off further clears the air.