Alexander Gould's mysterious love tweets: Does he finally have a girlfriend? Is he dating?

September 6, 2015
First published on:September 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Alexander Gould, the most acclaimed young adult in the TV industry in Hollywood, has yet to be involved with someone. As of now he has not been in a relationship and there are no girlfriends that we know off. However, Gould has been tweeting the words “I Love you “over and over again on Twitter. Though we haven’t been able to get to the root of it, we are curious as to whom the indication is directed too.

Likewise, even in his Instagram profile, the same feed has been posted “I Love you”. Maybe any day now we could know who actually Alexander’s first love interest is. Aside, from these minor speculations, there has been no substantial evidence of the young star’s involvement in any romantic endeavors. The actor’s sexual orientation has been confirmed to be straight and recently all rumors of him ever being gay were dispelled.

Now moving on to Alexander’s acting career, he has been acting as early as from the age of two. His most notable appearance came in the highly acclaimed show Freaks and Geeks at the age of six. When he was nine he got a chance to voice the character Finding Nemo . Things were never the same for him after Nemo .

With Finding Nemo being a worldwide success, the young stars career was highlighted more than ever. Eventually it  landed him a lead character role in the poplar American TV show Weeds as Shane Botwin. He was an important character in the show and had a recurring role throughout the series.

Apart from his early success and TV show fame, the young actor has also been featured in a number of hit TV shows, and Films as a guest actor. Some of these shows and movies include Curious George, Bambi II and  he is currently working in a short film named Ties. On, TV he has been seen in show’s like Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Law and Order and the remake of Dark Shadows.

At the moment, he is working for his up-coming movies and seemed stoked about it. But he is under contract restrictions to say anything about it. The entire thing has been kept hush-hush by the studio. But we do know it is a big budget studio movie.

Alexander’s parents are Tom and Valerie Gould. The couple home schooled Alex all his life. Gould practices Conservative Judaism and was the president of the conservative Jewish group USY. He even spent ten months in Israel teaching elementary English to school children. He also spent time in the holy Jewish Negev desert on his stay in Israel. Gould’s net worth is a whopping sum of $4.6 Million. Gould is very active on social networking platforms such as Twitter and instagram and can be followed under the username @alexandergould on Twitter.


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