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Alexander Arnold opens up about what he looks for in a girlfriend while dating

December 10, 2015
First published on:December 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Alexander Arnold, the Skins star whose new TV miniseries the Poldark just premiered and received critical acclaim for being one of the best TV shows of the year, has just been recalled for the second series.

Alexander has also lately been sharing his thoughts as to what he would like in a girlfriend while dating. He says the first trait he looks for in a girl while considering dating is honesty. For him, honesty is by far the most important principle a person can abide to.

He also has mentioned that an independent woman attracts him more than a girl who is dependent on others for resources. Alexander also mentioned that a person needs to have a very casual personality when it comes to dating him.

He gives importance to a person’s cool and casual attitude towards life as he is young and not looking for serious relationships. He also tries his best to avoid people who tend to take things too seriously.

Alexander has also said that being a Brit, his girlfriend should definitely possess a good sense of humor or should atleast be open to humor. He says he tends to easily like people who are content and satisfied with their lives and restrain from complaining about what they lack.

He often takes things lightly and he expects his partner or girlfriend to do the same. He also considers communication between the two to be of great importance as lack of proper communication can damage the relationship and casus unwanted problems.

Alex, who is known to have a way with girls since his school days, is also considered quite an expert by co-stars and friends. He has been known to help out his friends in their relationships and guide them in times of difficulty when it comes to romance.

Alex, although having a successful TV career, has not been able to carry that success over to the field of movies. He has, thus far, been featured in only three movies, out of which two are short films.

Alex, other than being an actor, is also a professional musician. He is a guitar enthusiast and plays bass guitar and sings lead for the indie band Circuit house. He is known to have a very deep voice and his songs have received recognition from prominent indie singers.

Some of the songs his band has taken out are “Sometimes I”, “ Afterward” and “Stolen Demo”.

Alex is a very popular figure on social media and is one of the most followed celebrities from the Skins cast. He has over 150 K followers in total and the highest following on his profiles are on Twitter and Instagram.

Alex has said he owes a huge part of his success to his parents. His parents were the first to recognize his talent for acting and continued to support him throughout his initial days. 

His net worth remains undisclosed. 


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