Alexa Nikolas Accuses Former Husband Milosh Of Assault And Abuse: More Details

After 2 years of finalizing her divorce from musician Milosh, the Zoey 101 actress Alexa Nikolas came up with allegations of abuse against her ex-husband in 2021. The American actress was in her mid-teens when she met the Canadian electronic musician and has now opened up how he assaulted and manipulated her when she was a minor.

As they were together for 4 years since their marriage until the split in 2016, the 29-year-old TV star allegedly went through psychological, emotional, and "sexual" abuse during their marriage, as per court documents. 

But also, in the midst of such trauma, the Hidden Hills actress is lucky to find her lover again; currently, Nikolas lives with her boyfriend-turned-husband Michael Gray.

'Zoey 101' Star Alexa Nikolas' Dark Past- Survived Abuse As A Child Through Marriage

Over the years, many Hollywood celebrities have unveiled the dark past of sexual abuse since the MeToo Movement came forth effectively in 2017, after the exposure of Harvey Weinstein. And Nikolas became no exception to such dark reality of the industry- it was not Harvey but her ex-husband.

The Zoey 101 star who portrayed extremely happy and peepy Nicole Bristow in the series, never opened up about her sensitive past openly until March 2021. In an Instagram post titled "Groomed by the Groom,", the American actress alleged that her ex-husband Milosh (birth name: Mike Milosh) groomed her 'to use for green card, success, and pleasure.'

Although, Milosh denied the claims then.

Actress CAPTION: Actress Alexa Nikolas filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Milosh accusing him of abuse and "sexual grooming" SOURCE: Instagram@matchthesource

But now, the American actress has knocked the doors of justice as she filed a legal complaint against the Canadian musician in Los Angeles County Superior Court in August 2021.

As per the court documents, Nikolas, who met the Rhye frontman when she was a teen, alleged that he took advantage of her emotional and financial vulnerability; accused him of years of sexual grooming.

Reportedly, Nikolas, who was filming for Children of the Corn, encountered Milosh through his MySpace page in 2008 with the intention of finding out "whether he was performing live." As per her attorneys, "Although Nikolas did not expect any response as he was so much older, almost immediately, Milosh responded to her Myspace message, and asked for her phone number, to which she complied."

But at that time, she was only 16 years old, while the musician was already 33. Despite these facts, he would ask for exotic photos from her, while also grooming her to trust in him. And upon gaining trust, Milosh abused her "psychologically and sexually."

Marriage But For Abuse & Self-Interest: Split and Divorce!!

Reportedly, in 2012, Milish proposed to Alex and married shortly after on February 12. However, as per the actress' lawyers, the Canadian musician had a motive of selfishness, as he was "in desperate need of an artist visa before his upcoming tour to promote the release of his newest album."

And even after marriage, none of the degrees of abuse changed. So, after, 4 years of marriage, The Walking Dead actress split with her husband on March 26, 2016. After a few years of divorce proceedings, it was finalized on May 17, 2019.

What Other Things Lawsuit Of Alexa Nikolas Include?

While the American actress didn't have any fear to speak out the truth about her ex-spouse, she also pointed out the incompetence of corporate entities to finger Milosh, despite the fact that they knew of the misconduct.

According to documents, the Candian electronic musician would use his 'status in the industry, authority, seniority, and fame' to assault her, while the record labels and management companies supported him financially. In the lawsuit, namely Plug Research, a record label that represented Milosh, along with music companies Polydor, Loma Vista, and BIZ3 are allegedly held responsible.

2013 Album Release Incident

The paper submitted on the court also describes a humiliating incident of Alexa that happened in 2013. During Milosh's fourth solo album, Jetlag release party, the musician, without any consent of the actress, used the huge "stripped" picture of her and showed it to the guests.

Moreover, the alleged child abuser even proudly admitted that he used 'recordings of their intimacy, especially the word "No" from Alexa' in the album. But, didn't completely tell that it was actually the recording he got after highly intoxicating the Zoey 101 actress.

What Is the Current Relationship Status of Alexa Nikolas?

Well, the That's Life actress is now a married woman. Despite such a traumatic past, she found a loving and supportive husband (second), Michael Gray. An avid Instagram user (@matchthesource) with more than 230K followers, Alexa tends to use the platform to announce any update on her personal life.

In May 2020, she confirmed pregnancy with her first child with Michael (who was her boyfriend then & now her husband) via Instagram. Then, following a series of baby bumps over her social media for months, the American actress welcomed daughter Nova Vespertine, on November 17, 2020.

Zoey CAPTION: Zoey 101 actress Alexa Nikolas and her second husband Michael Gray with their daughter SOURCE: Instagram@matchthesource

And nearly a year of their baby's arrival, the couple married on July 26, 2021, at Crystal Lake in Angeles National Forest in Southern California. She shared a picture of the duo on Instagram as they kissed passionately, with a caption, "I married the love of my life today! It was perfect...I love you. Forever."

Best wishes!!