Alex McArthur's relationship on screen with Sherrie Roses, where're they now?

August 3, 2017
First published on:August 3, 2017
by HitBerry

Celebrities and their gossips never fail to hit the news. The date, divorce, and breakups always grab peoples' attention, and this has been going on for decades now. It's not odd that whenever celebrities become public faces, the news about their personal life floats across the internet and newspaper.

Today, we are going to cover up a news on an American actor who was once a heartthrob of millions of girls in his time. Alex McArthur who is one of the recognizable faces in the Hollywood and still his personal life is a subject to be interested in.

Alex McArthur and Serrie Roses on screen relationship

Let's take you back to 1998 where Alex McArthur was called Real Cowboy of Hollywood. With numerous TV serials and movies in his hand,  Alex was in his better days. The 60-year-old actor who is famous for his role as an honest cowboy Duell McCall in the western TV series Desperado met Serrie Roses on the set of Devil in the Flesh an American Thriller.

Back then, Serrie played the role of Marlyin who was in love with the character of Alex Mcarthur. On the screen, their love chemistry felt so real that rumors started growing its root.

Serrie Roses, Source: Devil in the Flesh

The rumor fueled up when they did a hot steamy scene on the set of Devil in The Flesh as their fans got more thing to be suspicious about.

Serrie Roses, , source: Ravepad

Now the rumors spread like the wildfire that their love life is going off the screen. But as days faded away this rumor remained in the shade. Neither of them spoke nothing about their relationship and no one raised a question on them.

Alex McArthur's love affairs and his relationship

Alex McArthur despite being one of the most handsome actors in the Hollywood,  his love life never caught an eye of media back then. There was no internet back then like we as today so it clears the air about how he kept his love life under the curtain.

Alex McArthur, Source: Twitter

However, Alex made gossips back then when he married to Tammi Krevi. Likewise his personal affairs the information about how this couple had their first encounter and when they started dating? all questions are still behind the curtain.

Alex McArthur and his ex-wife Tammi Krevi, source:

But some sources revealed that they married in 1990 and is blessed with four kids but their identity is not well revealed out to the public.But sadly their marriage didn't last long as their relationship ended up in divorce.

In recent days, Alex is staying away from the limelight of media.  He hasn't done much of movie over past years and is maintaining his low life profile. We hope in near days, Alex speaks more about his personal life.