Alex Aiono Seen with Ex-Girlfriend Meg DeAngelis Multiple Times after breakup. Are They Getting Back Together?

HitBerryPublished on   08 Aug, 2016Updated on   11 May, 2017

I have heard this one quite a lot, “Breaking up is more like a broken mirror, it is actually better to leave it than hurt yourself picking up the pieces”. Touchy, of course.

However, when I speak of Alex Aiono, the quote doesn't really seem to fit in. Alex and his Ex-Girlfriend Meg DeAngelis,  have been seen multiple times even when they are not together. Is it just that they are good friends or they are getting back together? Find out.

Life is not fair when it comes to the word called ‘Love’. Some people are lucky enough to find their perfect ones, but some people don’t get that lucky.

Likewise; Alex Aiono, the popular singer, dated Meg DeAngelis for more like 2 months and it was really amazing how they appeared on YouTube together and made some crazy videos as a couple. Everything was going perfectly until they chose to call it off on somewhere around March 2015.

Alex Aiono and Meg DeAngelis

On the other hand; Alex and Meg officially announced that they were off, however, they have been seen a couple of times together. It might be because they feature in the new season of ‘Royal Crush’ but there are also chances of them getting back. No one knows except for themselves, actually.

In an Interview, he confirmed that Meg was the coolest person he met and that he feels blessed to have a friend like Meg. It appears as if they turned into real good friends now. Well; at least, we are gonna see them together. Not as in ‘Pair’ but maybe ‘Friends’.

Alex Aiono and Meg DeAngelis on the first season of 'Royal Crush'.

Together, they made some pretty awesome videos like ‘Girlfriend Tag’, ‘cover’ and ‘versus’ videos, ‘Super Challenge’, ‘Ice Potato Challenge’ and Et-Cetera.

If you want to look at those, scroll down and you will find out how cute they look. As a fan, I hope that they get back together one day. But even if they end up just being friends, we can still be happy for them. Here are some of their videos that I have been talking about. Check it out.

And there is this video on which Alex talks about ">5 reasons why he hates texting his girlfriend. And guess who he featured with in the video; yes, Meg herself.

The video is more about how texting can cause problems and how it’s not the same as seeing the person face-to-face. However, at the end of the video, he settles down with the conclusion that he loves texting Meg.

Thus; with the video, we can confirm the reason for their break was something way more serious than normal relationship issues. We can just assume and hope for their best but nothing else.