Alejandra Espinoza and husband Annibal enjoying family life with new baby Matteo!!

August 7, 2015
First Published On: August 7, 2015
by HitBerry

The Mexican beauty Alejandra Espinoza and her husband Anibal Marrero welcomed son Aiden Matteo on 11th March 2015 in Miami, Florida and the pair have been enjoying a blissful family life ever since.

Although having the baby was painful, Espinoza has said it was the best experiences of her life and she fell in love with her son right away.” It’s not because he's my son, but he's simply spectacular! He's gorgeous! He has a lot of hair, he's identical to his father, and I'll introduce him to you soon," the excited mom said in the video, posted by Latin Times.

When the baby was finally born, Marrero took to his page to share the happy news, and wrote, "@mattemarrero was born! #WelcomeMatteo we’ve waited so long for your @aleespinozatv and me!!! I'm a dad!!! #thekingisborn!!!”

On Instagram and Twitter, the couple decided to name the little one Matteo. I love that name! It's the perfect bilingual name and they could always nickname him Teo. The proud parents also created this cute T-shirt dedicated to his arrival. How sweet! I love that the baby's birth is official hashtag #BienvenidoMatteo, which I'm sure is trending as we speak said Marrero.

In addition to being a new mum, Espinoza has a busy year ahead of her - she will host Simon Cowell’s new reality TV talent show La Banda.

On 27th March, it was Alejandra Espinoza first birthday with her baby Matteo as the star turned 28.

Espinoza's husband, Anibal Marrero, posted two snaps and wished her happy birthday on Instagram. The photo was captioned, "Happy Birthday to the love of my life, you are the best wife, friend, girlfriend and lover... I love you and love that we get to grow older together."

Since then, Marrero has posted pictures of wheeling the baby home on a stroller while Espinoza has shared two photos of her holding the baby very closely one in a bed and the other standing up.

In one photo of baby Aiden Matteo, Espinoza had the TV on and an episode of "Sabado Gigante" played while baby Aiden watched. His full head of hair was visible as he faced the TV. She captioned the photo “My baby watching his dad on "Sabado Gigante."

Both Espinoza and Marrero have posted the same pictures of the child with the words, "Shut up, leave me alone," on their Instagram pages. The couples are excited to introduce the new baby to the public but are asking for privacy right now as they raise Aiden Matteo.

Alejandra had a bitter past when it comes to pregnancy. She has had three miscarriages before (on November 2013) and she was even ready to adopt a baby. According to The Latino Post, she has said ” Since I got married, the $100,000 question has been: 'When will you get pregnant? When will you get pregnant?' she said. "It got to a point that I didn't know how to respond. I always say when God wants it to be, when God wants it to be."

In a magazine, she wrote, the first miscarriage occurred a months after her wedding, and she felt paralyzed by what happened. But it was the third pregnancy that hurt her the most because she was more than three months pregnant when it happened.

Espinoza has maintained her body as she stands with the height of 5 ‘8.   She is gifted with long legs & fine feet. She looks extremely beautiful without makeup too and cleverly chooses her dress which suits her personality even in the age of 28. Her salary $9,334 says it all about her successful career.