Alec Lightwood

March 27, 2016
First Published On: March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

We all love Shadowhunters, don’t we??

And guess what? Today, we are talking about one of our favorite characters Alexander Gideon Lightwood aka Alec Lightwood.

While many people out there make many stories possible to hide themselves from being gay, Alec is one of the few one who openly admits to be gay.

The gay shadowhunter is from New York Institute. He likes to live in a family rather than staying isolated. However, he is the quieter one among all his siblings with whom he lives with.

The eighteen year old Alec is madly in love with his adoptive brother and best friend, Jace. His sexuality has been questioned many times but he is not ashamed to admit that he romantically loves his adoptive brother.

He is legally an adult and is permitted to attend clave meetings. He did not like Clary at first, as in he was jealous how Jace felt about her in the beginning. Then when he realized that Jace would never return his feelings back, he starts dating Magnus Bane. Bane is 800 years old and immortal. The brotherly love stayed the same even when he started dating Bane.

Alec has a soft spoken and serious kind of personality unlike Jace. Among all his group members, he is the most intelligent one. He is very caring and the person who could go past any limits for the sake of his loved ones.

In the beginning, Alec used to deny the fact about him being homosexual especially the one having feelings for Jace. He often had to go through cognitive dissonance and would lash out his frustration onto people around.

Later in the novel and in the movie both, he became a relaxed person and admits about being a gay to the whole Clave and family. He publicly kisses Magnus and shows everyone that he likes men.

After some scene, Alec found out about Magnus’s long term romantic affair with a vampire woman named Camille.

Alec now starts to become one of the central characters in the successive series in novel. He becomes a much more central character in City of lost souls and one on the book’s narrators. He along with Clary leads to search Jace and deals with Camille alongside.

Alec is amorously handsome looking guy with pale skin, impressive height and luminous blue eyes. However, he tries to downplay his looks by wearing worn and torn clothes. He sure would have a girlfriend if he was not gay.

Alec was portrayed by actor Kevin Zegers in the film adaptation of the book and Matthew Daddario in the television series. Both have remarkably portrayed the character of Alec.

Showhunters is one of the most loved fantasy television adaptation series by the audience. If you have not watched it yet, go grab a copy, it is worth watching.