Alan Arkin's wife, Suzanne, who he's been married to for 20 years stayed by his side when he suffered a stroke.

Four-time Academy Award nominee Alan Arkin was reported to have suffered a minor stroke around November last year. When you complete the milestone of 88, it is about time that age takes its toll and it definitely does not discriminate against anyone.

As per the information of, Alan had suffered a minor stroke that Monday, and he had gone to the hospital. Various series of tests were run and it had been confirmed that his condition was not so serious due to which he was discharged the very next day.

Sources have revealed that his wife Suzanne had been by his side the entire time. Throughout his recovery session, Suzanne was there with him Alan heeding him in his every need like a caring and supportive wife. Being a psychotherapist herself, she played a vital role in calming Alan down. In case of stroke, it has happened that even slight panic may increase the intensity, being a psychotherapist wife by your side surely makes a world of difference. According to his representative, he was normal by Tuesday.

Alan Married Three Women During His Lifetime

In his lifetime, Alan has been married three times and divorced his first two partners. He married Jeremy Yaffe in 1955 and got separated after 6 years. They had two children- Adam Arkin(actor) and Matthew Arkin together. 

Then in 1967, he again tied the knot to fellow actress Barbara Dana. They had a son, Anthony Arkin who himself is an accomplished actor.

Alan Acting Career

Alan pursued his acting career since the late ‘50s. He debuted his first movie Calypso Heat Waves in 1957, but his presence in the industry was recognized after his role in the movie The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming (1966). The entire industry took note of his talent. After that Alan had gone to perform in numerous movies nominating him for best actor at the Oscars for four times and even winning him the award for best-supporting actor for the movie Little Miss Sunshine (2006).

Having been working in this industry for 60 years, Alan is one of the most successful and inspirational actor of his age and still kicking. In his career that spanned of more than six decades, he has given his remarkable performance in the very movie and television shows. However, Alan is best known for the movies Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001), Argo (2012), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1968), etc. Alan has also given many guest appearances and cameos in other movies as well. He has also appeared in various TV shows like Harry, 100 Center Street, etc.

Alan is not only a great actor but also a recognized director, producer, and screenwriter which further increases the worth of his versatile talent.

For his phenomenal performance, he has received numerous nominations, awards, and accolades and has been a role model for many famous actors of the present era, even including his sons.

What's Alan's Net Worth?

Alan Arkin has a total estimated net worth of $10 million.


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