Age 14, TV Personality Kendall Vertes's Net Worth in 2017.

January 22, 2017
First published on:January 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Remember a little pretty dancer from the show "Dance Moms".  She is the one who had shown her modern dance skills on the show and won the heart of millions of fans. Yes, absolutely!! We are talking about "Kendall Vertes".

Today here we will be talking about her net worth. How much will be the net worth of the 14 years old Kendall Vertes? Read more:

TV Personality Kendall Vertes's Net Worth

She first debuted on the first episode of the Dance Moms; season II. Everyone might be clear about her outstanding dancing skills and dance performances. But few people know about her singing talent.

Kendall Vertes is now much active on her YouTube page showing her dancing as well as singing skills. There are around 5 hundred thousand followers on her YouTube account. Thus, she is however estimated to have the huge amount. Kendall Vertes is estimated have around $1.5 million net worth. The amount is actually quite high for someone of her age.

Kendall Vertes

Kendall Vertes

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Kendal is actually a television personality thus all of her source of income might be through this sector which actually helped to raise her net worth. Her annual salary is estimated to be around $500,000 whereas her monthly salary is around $41,000. She earns $1400 in a day and talking about her weekly income is around $10,200. Isn't it a huge amount for someone of this particular age?

Besides singing and dancing, she is also keenly interested in fashion designing. She has shared the picture of the clothes she has designed in her official Instagram account. Hmm… Perhaps, this might be contributing in her net worth too.

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Kendall Vertes's Lifestyle

Going through her net worth might have given you an idea regarding her lifestyle. She is actually living like a princess from a fairy tale. Kendall is living her life in the best way and in luxuries manner. She is spotted enjoying under the sea, roaming around beautiful places and wearing branded clothes. Have a look:


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Short Bio on Kendall Vertes

Kendall Vertes was born in Pennsylvania, United States on December 9, 2002.  She is the daughter of Jill Vertes and Erno Vertes. She started her first journey through the first episode of the Dance Moms season second with her mother Jill. She has two sisters named Charlotte Vertes and Ryleigh Vertes. She is active in both dancing and singing.

Kendall Vertes with her mom Jill Vertes

Kendall Vertes with her mom Jill Vertes

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