After Two Unsuccessful Marriages, Milla Jovovich is Living Happily with Husband Paul W.S. Anderson and Children

January 31, 2018
First Published On: January 31, 2018
by Ross

Milla Jovovich, a famous American actress as well as a model, have been very successful in her professional career. But the case is not the same in her personal life. She has had many unsuccessful marriages, but for now, she is currently living happily with her current husband and kids.


To be precise, Jovovich has been married three times out of which two were unsuccessful and one has been successful to date. She has been married to her third husband for quite a long time, so it is assumed that her third marriage will not end like previous marriages. Scroll down to know everything about her married life below:

Milla Jovovich Married Paul W.S. Anderson

Milla Jovovich is currently the wife of a 52-year-old British film director, Paul W.S. Anderson. They met back in the year 2002. A year later, they got engaged in 2003, and after six years, the couple tied the knot on 22nd August 2009.

[ CAPTION: Milla Jovovich and Paul getting married ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Since then, the couple has been living happily. They are often seen in public having a quality time. About a year earlier, Paul was seen escorting his wife in the Mexico airport. Last Christmas, they were also seen going out for a shopping together.

[ CAPTION: The couple stop for a kiss after their Christmas Shopping ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Milla and Paul are blessed with two daughters. The elder daughter Ever was born on 3rd of November, 2007. And the second daughter Dashiel Edan was born on 1st April 2015 and is just two years old.

Back in 2015, before their second daughter was born, the couple revealed that they had been co-sleeping with their daughter for years.

Milla Jovovitch’s Previous Marriages

As mentioned above, Milla has already been married three times. Everyone is now wondering to know everything about her past married life and the reason why they did not work out.

Milla got married for the first time when she was just a teenager. She married Shawn Andrews back in 1993 and later at the end of the year, they got divorced.

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Back in the year 2011, Milla once revealed that she married Shawn as a teenager because she wanted a bank card. This clearly shows why the couple got divorced.

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The actress got married for the second time on 14th December 1997 with Luc Besson. Two years later, the couple again got divorced.

After two marriage failures, for now, Milla Jovovich is married to Paul. Milla and Paul are now living a blissful married life without any rumors od divorce or separation issues.