After two Marriage failures, Darlene Love Married for the Third Time

October 27, 2017
First Published On: October 27, 2017
by HitBerry

Most of the celebrities are likely to divorce or break up but we still we wish to have a perfect life like them, but beware what you wish for. There are tons of break up and divorce that keep on floating on the internet.

Among of the celebrities who's married life has lots of ups and downs, Darlene Love is no exceptional case. With a couple of failed marriage, is this singer seeing anyone? If not is Love married?

Darlene Love Married for the Third Time

We all know, Darlene is not among the celebrities who prefer to remain in the shade when it comes to personal life. The 76 years old is a married woman. We have to say her husband, Alton Allison likes to keep a low key life.

Love walked down the aisle for the third time with Alton Allison back in 1984. And after three decades of their marriage, Love's married life is going strong than her previous marriages.

Darlene Love, source: The Cabot

Yet three decades passed away and still they haven't decided to have kids. Where celebrities of her age are peacefully leaving with grandchildren, Darlene is nowhere to have a kid from her third marriage.

Darlene Love and her husband, Alton Allison, on the coast of Queensland, Australia, source: The Boston Globe

He's a rebel hitmaker Darlene and her social accounts are flooded with her works on stage and shows. After a quick glance on Darlene's Instagram, we can notice she maintains a complete privacy when comes to family. Most of the posts are from works, vacations, and with her colleague.

As for now, there are no such rumors of Darlene getting into the divorce. However, some of the sources are holding the news that Darlene is divorced. But this news is likely to be false.

Darlene Love's Past relationships and Affairs

To dig up the love affairs, we have to take you back to 1984 when she married a supermarket manager Leonard Pete. Just after two years of their marriage, they were blessed with a son, Marcus. Soon after this, ex-couple had another son Chawn in 1964.

Despite being a mother of two, Darele continued to boost her career. In biography Love recalls her hectic life and said

There were so many sessions that it's impossible to remember all or even most of them; what I remember most from those days is that almost overnight, we were making boatloads of money.

In 1968, this couple got in their separate ways as they ended their married life with a divorce paper. Those days and years for Darlene were so exhausted. Feeling frustrated too build a solo career, and two sons to support, Love had lots of burden on her shoulder.

I wanted to be a star in my own right, but I was more concerned with survival

Wesley Mitchell(right) with his sons

In 1971, Darlene married for the second time with a security guard Wesley Mitchell and shared a son, Jason.

Although years lapsed away, Darlene seems to have a nice relationship with her ex-husband. Sadly in 2014,  Mitchell passed and Darleen took no time to give her condolence with a long note on her Facebook page.