After splitting with boyfriend Stephen Bear, who is Charlotte Crosby Dating?

If you have been following the former reality tv star, Charlotte Crosby you should know that she recently split from her former beau, Stephen Bear. After breaking up with Stephen Bear, who is she dating currently?


Following her break up with Bear in December, she surely did not waste time thinking about the man who broke her heart. She was spotted with a man shortly after. Stay with to know the man she might be dating?

Charlotte Crosby is Dating a Guy After Splitting From Bear

With Valentine around the corner, everyone is busy planning where to go on a date. So who will Charlotte Crosby be with, this valentine?

But after watching a video uploaded by the reality tv star on her Instagram, it seems like she does not care but we do not think she literally meant it.

Yes! She might have felt that way because of several breakups she's been through but grass is always greener on the other side. Shortly after her break up, she was spotted with a guy, who is said to be Ex On The Beach star Joshua Ritchie.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte was spotted kissing her new boyfriend, Joshua Ritchie][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Earlier the pair even kissed on a night out together in Newcastle. It was clearly visible that the two could not keep off their hands off each other.

The former Geordie Shore star did not mind sharing the news of her new boyfriend as she already uploaded Joshua's almost bare picture on her Instagram.

[ CAPTION: Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie spotted at Aaron Chalmer's MMA fight in late December ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

In one of the snapshots posted by Charlotte, the pair was seen getting intimate with each other. Back in December they were spotted cuddling at Aaron Chalmers’ MMA fight.

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Charlotte Crosby and Former Boyfriend Split After Bear Found Kissing Another Girl

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear first met with the filming of their new TV show, Just Tattoo of Us in January 2017. Initially, they tried to hide their romance and they were even successful with Stephen going around kissing other girls.

However, the pair opened about their romantic relationship by sharing Snapchat videos of them snogging each other in February 2017. In one of the videos, Crosby and Bear could be seen barely with any clothes. Yes, they made official that they were in love with each other.

[ CAPTION: The couple opened about their relationship via snapchat ][ SOURCE: thesun ]

They seemed like a perfect couple and even Charlotte thought so. That's why Charlotte probably got herself a tattoo of a half tiger and half leopard on her left shoulder dedicated to him. According to sources, they even met each other parents too.

It was not even a month the pair had made their relationship public, there was a rumor of Charlotte getting pregnant. She had posted a clip on Instagram which showed her round belly hence causing the spread of pregnancy rumor.

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[ CAPTION: Charlotte might be getting Pregnant ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

But it was only a rumor. Like in most of the relationships, Charlotte and Bear also went through several breakups and patch-ups. Their relationship nevertheless was still going on, making them look like an inseparable pair. But everything has its limit. On one occasion, Bear was spotted kissing another girl. 

This was the last thing that Charlotte could not forgive. So the 26-year-old finally decided to split from her boyfriend. This was how the inseparable pair separated eventually. 

Charlotte Decided To Get Revenge On EX With Her Body

The hot reality tv star has definitely moved on but the opposite party did not share the mutual feeling. Charlotte was once spotted breaking down because Stephen would not let her move on.

Soon after their break up, Stephen left Just Tattoo Of Us, making Scotty T the new co-host.

After the break-up, Charlotte made sure to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend and she did it so recently by flaunting her sexy body in a mini red dress first. Look at this picture and we let you decide if she had become successful in her motive.

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Prior Stephen Bear, Charlotte Crosby has been in relationships with Ash HarrisonMax MorleyGaz Beadle, and Mitchell Jenkins.

With her own fashion line, TV show and books she has authored, the reality tv star is on the path to stardom and nobody can stop her, not even heartbreaks.