After divorcing Jordan Belfort in 2005, Nadine Caridi is living together with John Macaluso and children

March 22, 2018
First published on:March 22, 2018
by Bruno Mars

British actress and model Nadine Caridi after divorcing Jordan Belfort is now together with John Macaluso. She decided to move on along with John, the CEO of Wizard World. 


The English actress and model decided to move on with John Macaluso after she divorced from her ex-husband, Jordan Belfort who is a motivational speaker, author, and former stockbroker. The ex-couple has two children together.

Nadine Caridi married Jordan Belfort in 1991 but later divorced

When Nadine first met with Jordan, he was a married man. Jordan was famous for throwing grand and expensive parties. The ex-couple met in one of those parties and was introduced by her then-boyfriend Alan Wilzig. Both Nadine and Jorden fell in love at their first glance and soon started dating each other.

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Few years after Jordan got divorced from Denise Lombardo, Nadine and Jordan tied the knot in 1991. The former couple got married in the Caribbean. Together they have two children, a daughter Chandler Belfort and a son Carter Belfort. Despite living separately, they are parenting their children together in southern California.

Leonardo di Caprio  Impersonating Jordan Belfort in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan bought a luxury yacht and named it Nadine. The yacht sank off in 1966 at the east coast of Sardinia. The yacht was built in 1961 for Coco Chanel, famous French fashion designer, and businesswomen.

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Later Jordan got into the prison for 22 months for the case of abusement of drugs. The fraud behavior, drug addiction, secret affairs with other girls and the domestic violence between the couples led them to divorce. After 14 years of relationship, Nadine and Jordan got separated in 2005.

Nadine Caridi married John Macaluso

After the divorce with Jordan, Nadine got married to John Macaluso. John is a CEO of Wizard World and a former entrepreneur from Newyork, a big business tycoon.

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Nadine and John got married in Manhattan beach. It is said that her current husband John is around 22 years older than Nadine but it looks like age does not matter for the couple.

The couple has three daughters of John from her previous marriage, Frankie, Nicky and Allie and Nadine has two children, Chandler and Carter from her ex-husband Jordan.

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Nadine is living a happy and peaceful life with her current husband, John Macaluso.

Despite the fact that both Nadine and John had their tragic relationships personally before they tied the knot. Nadine has finally moved on and is happy with their present married life. There are no rumors and controversies about the divorce of the couple.