After divorcing Hector Galan, who is Nely Galan married to? Know about her Past Affairs and Relationships

April 24, 2018
First Published On: April 24, 2018
by Sam Smith

Born as Arnely Alvarez, Nely Galan (the last name Galan came from her husband) was married to husband Hector Galan and later got divorced. She then had a love relationship with comedian Paul Rodriguez before splitting up once again.


To introduce you to Nely, then she is an independent producer and a former president of Entertainment, who is a self-made mogul. She is an Emmy winning producer, who has made over more than 700 television shows. You might be familiar with her professional career but do you know about her personal life in detail? Scroll down to know everything.

Nely Galan's married life with Hector Galan

55 years old entrepreneur, Nely has always been secretive when it comes to sharing her personal life. But after being the famous personality of Hollywood, it's tough for one to hide everything. We came to know that once she was married to Hector Galan.

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CAPTION: Nely Galan SOURCE: Latin Heat Entertainment

But no other information regarding when they got married and why they got separated from each other has not been disclosed. Maybe they want to keep it personal. The pair does not have any child together.

Nely Galan's love affair with Paul Rodriguez and had a son

After Nely's divorce with husband Hector, she was involved in a love relationship with Paul Rodriguez. Well, it is unknown that when the couple get hitched with each other.

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CAPTION: Nely Galan's ex-boyfriend Paul Rodriguez SOURCE: Entertainment Take-out

A couple of gossip mongers claim that she had a son with boyfriend, Paul Rodriguez. Nely gave birth to her first child, a son, Lucas in 2000. After few months of their son was born, the couple went separated.

Nely Galan's current relationship status

Well, to talk about her current relationship, then she is married to husband Brian Ulf. Anything more than their marriage is not known to us, but what we know is that she lives in her famed Venice Canals home with their son and a dog, Desi, of Yorkshire Terrier Breed. 

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CAPTION: Nely Galan and her husband Brian SOURCE: Latin Time

The couple has been living in a famous home as it has a compound of three structures with the hues of yellow, orange, and pink. Looking at the relationship of these two, it seems as if they are in really deep love.

What she loves about Brian is that he helps every other people with his nice attitude. Besides that, she loves the Cuban Coffee made by Brian.