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African Vlogger Caspar Lee's Net worth - Rich You Tuber

July 19, 2016
First published on:July 19, 2016
by John

Caspar Lee, a famous African Vlogger, is one the richest YouTubers till date. He has more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube, which is really huge, I must say.. His revenue mainly generates from advertisement before and after his video. His annual income circle somewhere around $0.7-$0.8 million and his Net worth is about $2 million. He is 22 years old and already living the life of a celebrity. He lives in an apartment in London; United Kingdom, along with another famous Vlogger, Joe Sugg. And about his ride, there is no such information. However, people say they have seen him in Ferrari and Corvette.

Caspar Lee’s occupation regards with being a comedian, an actor and a YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and by 2016 he gained more than 6 million subscribers. Caspar also runs his second channel (morecaspar) which has around 1 million subscribers. 

The young YouTuber started off by filming videos in his own bedroom with no shirt and making fun of himself, with a camera he bought from his poker earnings. His subscribers grew not only because he was funny, it is also because he is a really good looking guy.

His Net worth gets engendered from different other stuffs as well. Let us not forget that he is not just a YouTuber, he is also an actor, an author and a comedian. His debut movie was ‘Spud 3: Learning to Fly’. He did two more movies after that. He has appeared in many TV shows with other popular faces as well. Lee has also written a book which discusses about his biography. He wrote the book with Emily Riordan Lee (his mother) by his side. It was published in Hardcover in 2016 and it costs $8 for hardcover. 

How tall is he?

Reports believe that he stands around 6 feet 2 inches tall. Do you know what people say? In order to become an actor, you really need a good face; good height, and of course, good act. So, maybe, this is why he got an opportunity to get into Hollywood and play movies. His height, good looking face and hard work are the reasons for who he is today. 

Caspar Lee and Tyler Oakley

Caspar Lee and Tyler Oakley

Where was Caspar Lee born and where did he live?

Caspar Lee was born in London, United Kingdom, on April 24th, 1994. Though he was born in England, he grew up in Knysna and Durban, South Africa. Now, you must know why he is both British and African. In South Africa, he attended Crawford College, La Lucia.

What is his relationship with Joe Sugg?

What do you know about Joe Sugg? Well, he is also a YouTuber who has more than 7 million subscribers. About his relationship with Caspar Lee, they are so called BFF. Both of the YouTubers have featured in a documentary called ‘Joe and Caspar Hit The Road’.They have also done couple of videos together as a team. When people see them together, they might think that he is Gay or something. But I would like you guys to know that he is straight and he has dated number of girls before. 

Is he single?

Yes, he is single.. If we speak of his love life, he has had only one serious relationship with a girl named Gaby Jones. They started dating back on October 13th, 2013.But they eventually had to break up due to some disputes by June, 2014. We might not be right but reports suggest that he has been seen with other girls as well. Some of the names are: Rebecca Black, Lauren Elizabeth, Alexa Losey, Emma laven and Maisie Williams

Caspar Lee and Gaby Jones

Caspar Lee and Gaby Jones



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