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Rumors have it that Kari Byron and Paul Urich are expecting a new child in their family. They, at the moment, have only one daughter, Stella Ruby, who was born on June 28, 2009.

Kari has requested leave from work recently for an undisclosed time. However, we are not certain about the exact reason behind the leave.

What sources say about their relation

Sources claim that they have already seen Kari going around places with a baby bump. Paul has also dramatically changed his routine and has now taken up the duty of taking Stella to school and back. Various other chores of the house have fallen into Paul’s domain recently as well.

Some inside sources claim that they have even begun decorating the new baby’s room and have already moved in the furniture as well as safety measures that will be required in the months to come. Kari’s mother and cousins have also come to live with them now and all of this clearly shows signs of a new member in the family.

Kari has also been taking in house yoga lessons. There have been reports of various medical personals paying a routinely visit to the Byron and Ulrich household. However, the family has still not spoken about the subject at hand and at times, also demanded privacy from over enthusiastic people.

Kari and Paul have been married since the year 2006. Kari has always been supportive of her husband Paul. Paul, who is an artist by profession, has credited several of his works to his wife. He has also said, time and again, that she is the person he looks toward when he runs out of ideas.

Profession and Married life

Kari, in recent years, on a professional level, has soared to great heights. She has become one of the most demanded hosts on national television and her artistic abilities have gained widespread recognition.

Kari is very popular among her fans and they have time and again voted her to the top ten hot TV host in America. She has also done a number of bikini shoots for the top ten TV host. She does not have any tattoo, but has indicated plans to get her daughter’s picture inked on her ribs.

Kari also made news about two years back when she got a breast augmentation surgery and was harassed by many female organizations. But, her husband supported her in her endeavors.

Kari is apparently a very popular figure on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She has over 433K followers on Twitter and she can be followed @KariByron. She also has live sessions on Twitter where she communicates wither fans on a regular basis.

She happens to be one of the highest paid TV host and makes about $1 million a year. However, her net worth remains undisclosed.

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