Actual Story Behind the 'Success of Donatella Versace', the fashion icon!

October 12, 2017
First Published On: October 12, 2017

First look at Donatella and a thought crosses your mind for sure. God! she looks like some alien (Huge pouting duck like lips). So you may find it hard to believe that she is actually the artistic director of the major fashion conglomerate that almost everybody knows, VERSACE. Her face is a perfect example of surgeries can also be disastrous.

But we are not here to talk about her face; rather we will focus on her career. How did an Italian country girl rose to this height of International fame and success? You might be surprised knowing that Versace was actually her brother, Gianni Versace's company. So stay with Hitberry to find out how.

Donatella Versace Before Being a Businesswoman

First, let's talk about how she was before turning into this feisty businesswoman. Donatella and her brother Gianni were very close to each other despite a decade of an age difference. Gianni Versace, in fact, considered his little sister, Donatella his muse. He further told Vanity

 If she doesn't like a sketch, I will cancel it.

So Donatella could actually be credited for Gianni's successful designs, and his brother had already recognized this fashion sense in his sister. He, therefore, had employed her as his critics. Clever brother, huh? Donatella was previously involved in knitted designs. Gianni had also created a separate line for Donatella, VERSUS. But Versus was not as lucky as Versace.

Gianni and Donatelle Versace Gianni and Donatella Versace in 1993 Source:

Okay even though Donatella alone was not so able, gifted on her own but there's no denying that she helped Gianni build this fashion empire. Here's one convincing reason. The mastermind behind using popular models for the ramp walks for more significant press coverage, was actually Donatella.

Gianni Versace at the end of his collection Gianni Versace at the end of his collection Source:

During her adolescent years, she wore a black shirt paired with tight black pants and a leather jacket. That's where her signature look originated from. How could we miss her darling high heels without which her stature is incomplete? The reason she wears high heels as she says is her 5 feet 2 inches height. Oh, that's why Lady Gaga also wears high heels! Mystery solved.

Quotes by Donatella Versace Quotes by Donatella Versace Source:

This fashion persona is also very popularly known for her big parties. Many of the popular celebrities including Madonna and Naomi Campbell made their presence. This might be the influence of Gianni's wild side. She was, as a matter of fact, first introduced to the disco, thanks to her older brother's generosity.

Naomi, Donatella and Jennifer in Versus after Party in 2014 Naomi, Donatella, and Jennifer in Versus after Party in 2014 Source: 

Donatella Versace Becomes Vice President of Versace after Gianni's Death

In July 1997, Donatella lost her dear brother, and her world came crashing down. Nevertheless, she managed to compose herself as opposed to everyone's expectation. Not only this, she even took the brand's image to the next level to national prominence.

People say that when a person is triggered by something profound, they change a person. In Donatella's case, her brother's death helped trigger her inner business skills, and she emerged as a business tycoon.

Allegra with her mother Donatella at her uncle's mass in 1997 Allegra with her mother Donatella at her uncle's mass in 1997 Source:

Donatella became vice president and art director of Versace and inherited 20% share of Versace. On the contrary, her daughter Allegra had an even bigger share, whopping 50% after she turned eighteen. You might wonder why sister received only 20% and her daughter 50%?

There's a reason behind this. Now Versace became her responsibility, and she fulfilled her duties sincerely. Her solo debut, which Versace ran only after 3 months of Gianni's demise became a huge hit.

Donatella Versace Made in Italy DST SuperModel90s dedicated to her brother, Gianni Donatella Versace Made in Italy DST SuperModel90s dedicated to her brother, Gianni

Later in 1998, she again proved to be the very person she had been designated. This fashion empress demonstrated her creativity skill by running a fashion show on a runaway built of glass only for Versace Atelier at Hotel Ritz Paris. That indeed was a work of art.

Apart from her unique fashion sense, Donatella Versace is also infamous for her face modifications. Her name comes under 'celebrities with major surgeries.' One is forced to think as to why she had undergone so many surgeries when you see her pictures of before and after surgery.

But you will get a clue after reading this. When asked if she will ever change her hair color back to its natural color (By the way her hair is black in natural), she told

What is that? Natural is not about the hair or the face. I do not believe in totally natural for women. Rubbish! For me, natural has something to do with food, something to do with vegetables.

But its okay considering the fact that the face and other surgeries have become quite common these days. Truth to be told almost 9 out of 10 female celebrities in Hollywood have done the nose job. Versace first had her face fixed in 1993.

Look at the picture left below after her first face job and right one after too many facelifts. But who are we to judge? It's her face and it's her right to do anything she wants.

Donatella Versace before and after Donatella Versace before and after Source:

Now back to our main topic. If it weren't for Donatella, Versace would still be limited to the clothing line. Now the company has accessories, home furnishings, and hotels as a way of branding Versace as a lifestyle brand.

In 2001, Donatella further introduced an autumn collection and even her own fragrance line, 'Versace Woman.' She achieved success one after another, but there are always hurdles in one's path.

Palazzo Versace Hotel gold coast grand entrance luxury surfers paradise Queensland Australia Palazzo Versace Hotel gold coast grand entrance luxury surfers paradise Queensland Australia Source:

Likewise, at a point, a secret opened about Donatella. She confessed that she has been taking drugs for quite a long time in 2004. As a result, everybody began to doubt her competence. This too was the reason she inherited just 20% of the company because her brother knew this secret. So he did not believe her with Versace. Her fashion sense was also criticized for not being as authentic as Gianni.

Donatella Versace, autumn-winter collection, 2001 Donatella Versace, autumn-winter collection, 2001

But once the troubled fashionista became clean and fought her inner demons, she gradually poised her respect back. She also confessed that she was afraid to lose the three core elements of Versace; bright colors, very revealing clothes, and heavy decoration.

But the new Donatella found the confidence to abandon the Gianni name and instead followed her own design instincts. She told she is glad that she did. Of course, she is after all she is the Donatella Versace.

Original supermodels Carla, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy and Helena return to the catwalk for Versace's 2018 Milan Fashion Week show Original supermodels Carla, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy and Helena return to the catwalk for Versace's 2018 Milan Fashion Week show Source:

What we can conclude from her story is that Donatella is a strong fighter and an extraordinary fashion leader. Donatella's significant contributions have helped keep the name and legacy of Versace alive. The company was in critical condition after Gianni's death but is now standing tall and proud because of Donatella's never giving up attitude.