Actress Vanessa Morgan, age 23, and boyfriend, Nathan MacKinnon, on the verge of a break up

HitBerryPublished on   03 Dec, 2015Updated on   03 Dec, 2015

‘My babysitter’s a Vampire’ star Vanessa Morgen is reportedly on the verge of a break-up with her boyfriend Nathan Mackinion. The two have been in a relationship for a year now. But the sources close to the couple have said that the time may have come for the couple to part ways.

Vanessa and Nathan seem to have very different opinions on what they want out of their relationship, reports claim. Vanessa thinks she is just getting started with her acting career and has no intention of settling down any time soon. The Canadian ice hockey player, Nathan Mackinnion, however, demands long term commitment from the TV star.

Vanessa, who used to flood her fan’s Instagram feed with photos of Nathan and her together, is making such posts a lot less frequent. The couple has not been seen together in public for a long time now. This has given rise to the speculations about possible tension between the couple.

Vanessa is only 23 years old. Even though she has already spent over 14 years in the entertainment industry, she has yet to make the major splash in the big pond that is Hollywood. The actress reportedly believes her best days in Hollywood are still to come. Sources claim even though she has considered marrying the ‘right guy’ and starting a family some day but now certainly is not the best time for her to put her love life ahead of her career.

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood certainly has won over the actress’ heart, it seems. Her behavior suggests that she is far more focused on being a successful actress than having a good love life. The Canadian actress famously dated Munro Chambers in 2008. The reason for her separation with Munro Chambers was also claimed to the fact that she put her career above their relationship.

But who can blame her?  Most people can only dream of the global fame that Hollywood gives. That dream is truly within the young actress’ reach.  She can get the status of a global superstar if she puts her work-life ahead of her personal life for a little while longer.

Morgen is, what they say, a “Big thing in Small package”. The actress stands at the height of only 5’ 1 inches. But don’t let her short height fool you! With a magnificent pair of eyes, and smile that could put anybody under the spell, she is very attractive.

The actress has no shortage of fans.  There must be several Hollywood stars who would be interested in dating the “Finding Carter” star. So, even if she parts way with her current boyfriend, Nathan Mackinison, don’t expect her to be single for long. Her fans hope that Vanessa would date someone who understands her desire to have successful acting career first if she actually breaks up with Mackinison.