Actress Theresa Randle's Relationship with husband Father MC; Do they have Kids?

HitBerryPublished on   22 Sep, 2016Updated on   17 Jul, 2018

Theresa Ellen Randle, an American actress who is active in movies and TV series since 1987. She appeared in several films like Malcolm X, Space Jam, Bad Boys, Sugar Hill and Girl 6.


We have stopped by here today to discuss her husband, Father MC. To let you guys know, he is an African-American rapper best known for making people familiar with the Uptown successful R&B act called ‘Treat Them Like They Want to be Treated.' Sources believe that Theresa and Father MC have kids together; but is it true? Let us all find out.

Theresa Randle Education and Career

Theresa Randle had studied dance before she joined ‘Beverly Hills High School.' After the graduation, she got her first role at ‘Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center.' In 1987, she showed up in her big-screen break in ‘Maid to Order.'

During the year 1987-1990, she appeared in films like ‘Easy Wheels,' ‘Denzel Washington’ and ‘Heart Condition.' And this is how her career turned on.

Theresa RandleTheresa Randle    Source: s390.photobucket

Afterwards, she showed in ‘King of the New York’, Spike Lee’, ‘Malcom X’, ‘Bad Boys’, ‘Bad Boys ll’, ‘Girl 6’, ‘The Apartment’, ‘Sugar Hill’, ‘Beverly Hill’ ,Space Jam’, ‘Natalie Cole’, ‘Law & Order’, ‘State of Mind’, ‘Shit Year’, and etcetera.

Theresa Randle Husband

Before we reveal his real name, you guys should know that he has been popular since his first debut album called ‘Father’s day” in 1990. And he is no other than Timothy Brown, otherwise known as ‘Father MC.'

Father MC, Timothy Brown.Father MC, Timothy Brown.    Source: diaryofahollywoodstreetking

Some of his major albums include ‘Close to You (1992)’, ‘Sex is Law (1993)’, ‘This is for the Players (1995)’, ‘No Secrets (1999)’, ‘Eat this Morning (2003)’ and ‘Fam Body’ (2010). And to talk about something personal, he has a daughter named ‘Brittany’ who we believe is with his ex-wife.

Do Theresa Randle and MC have kids together?

It appears as though they don’t have any children. But I am pretty sure they have been planning on having their children one day. Both Theresa and MC is so secretive regarding their personal life that they never talked about their stuff. Also, it's tough to know if they are planning for the baby or is just letting the things go aside.

Source: Instagram

As we previously indicated, Theresa Randle and Timothy Brown are quite secretive regarding their stuff; the couple did not share any of their future plannings regarding their child or family. We hope, Theresa Randle, to share her stuff with her millions of fans.

Ten Facts about Theresa Randle

1. Theresa Randle's full name is Theresa E. Randle.
2. Theresa Randle was born on December 27, 1964, and is 53 years old.
3. Theresa Randle was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.
4. Theresa Randle started his professional career in 1987.
5. Theresa Randle's net worth is around $3 million.
6. Theresa Randle married Father MC long ago.
7. Theresa Randle's birth sign is Capricorn.
8. Theresa Randle is 5 feet 5 inches tall.
9. Theresa Randle weighs around 119 lbs.
10. Theresa Randle's body measurement is 36-25-37 inches.