Actress Taryn Manning in a breathtaking on-screen affair with Madison Davenport

May 24, 2016
First Published On: May 24, 2016
by HitBerry

For us as an audience, the onscreen chemistry between the actors seem just so easy and real but for the actors playing it, it’s really difficult to bring the sparkle that seems original enough especially when it's an on film mother-daughter relationship.

Madison Davenport and Taryn Manning charmed us with their heart-wrenching performance as a mother and daughter in their new film "A Light Beneath Their Feet." And what makes their relationship more special was the fact that the relationship also centers on the parent having a mental illness, and capturing that connection becomes that much harder. Their amazing work at portraying the relationship proves their skills as actresses.

Madison Davenport and Taryn Manning in "A Light Beneath Their Feet".    Source: Indiewire

Madison Davenport recently spoke with the AOL. team about her new movie and working alongside Taryn Manning.

“From the minute we met each other over Skype, we liked each other. Then meeting her in person, you realize that she's the coolest person you will ever meet in your entire life. She's this teeny tiny little thing and she's so chill. We really hit it off right away. We would get dinners and hang out off-screen. And Valerie did a lot of rehearsal prep before we would shoot the scene so we got to hang out a lot and that's how we got to form our bond. She's really easy to get along with too, so it wasn't really hard.”

And working with Taryn, she had the following opinion.

“I got to watch her transform into this character that she isn't. She doesn't have bipolar disorder so she did a lot of prep work. She really wanted to portray this character in a good light. She didn't want to just jump into this without the knowledge. She talked to a mom and a daughter where the daughter suffered from the disorder. It was amazing for me to watch her do this much research and it really inspired me for when I do have to play someone with an illness, that I will look back on what she did and delve into it that way. It was so hard to tell where Taryn stopped and where she began, that's how much she melded with her character.”

"A Light Beneath Their Feet" premiered with critical acclaim and is proving to be a must-watch film this season.