Actress Suzette Quintanilla, age 48, and her family, still mourn the death of her sister Selena. New project on Selena in progress

January 27, 2016
First Published On: January 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Suzette Quintanilla, aged 48, and her family still mourn the death of her sister Selena. And this is the reason why the Selena aka “The Queen of Tejano” is being digitally recreated via a new project called “Selena the One”. 

The elder sister of Selena, Suzette Quintanilla talked to Billboard about the new ambitious project being made on the dead American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer. The actress shared the detailed information on the project, which is being dubbed as a ‘walking, talking, singing and dancing digital embodiment’ of the iconic singer who died young. 

In a phone interview with Billboard the sister of confirmed the news about Selena Hologram. 

“By no means is this something that’s creepy or weird,” Suzette told Billboard.

“We think it’s something amazing. A lot of the new fans that did not get to experience what Selena was about hopefully will be able to get a sense of her with this new technology that’s going to be coming out.”

According to the Latin actress, Acrovirt LLC, the Nevada based independent tech company, approached Suzette and her family in 2014 to discuss the possibility of a creating a digitalized version of Selena. She said that the idea was not convincing enough and the family of the legendary singer did not agree with it. They agreed only after several meetings and the project is now on full swing. 

The company says: “Using detailed individual personalized functions spanning the mind, brain and body, the individual’s Digitized Human Essence will autonomously learn and react on behalf of its human counterpart’s.”

Suzette seems way more excited than anyone. “I’m excited at the fact that she will be the first-ever and the fact that she’s a Latina makes it even more awesome,” said the actress. She further added: “The technology is so interesting and mind-blowing that we just felt as a family that this is definitely something we’d want them to do with Selena.”

Suzette carefully stated: “It’s not about replacing Selena in any shape, way or form; it’s just something to help her legacy continue growing.”

The loving sister of the late singer, who was shot by a former friend and former manager of her boutiques Yolanda Saldívar, at the age of 23 said that her family had been sending Acrovirt “lots of photos, video footage and materials to help them properly represent her.”

Acrovirt has a partnership with the University of California, San Diego for the research and development of the Digitized Human Essence technology. According to the former, DHE would make it possible for Selena to release some new songs. And if the idea actually works out, the late songstress might be able to able be go on a musical tour in 2018.

Besides this exciting piece of news, Suzette did not spill any important detail about Selena’s new song. But she said: “It’s about being able to see Selena sing again, for example, doing the ‘Dreaming of You’ music video and it’s her.”

As per Suzette, the company tried to convince the family back in 2012 when they successfully created the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella in 2012. But the plans did not work out as the projection felt “not real enough and almost cartoonish.”

Suzette said “Selena the One” project would be complete by 2017 or 2018.

“People don’t realize how fast technology is moving,” she added. “This is something that we’re building for another two to three years, so when 2018 comes around they’ll be like, ‘Oh, OK, we get it.’”

Several movies, TV shows and documentaries have been made on Suzette's sister within the last twenty years since Selena's murder.