Actress Spencer Grammer, age 32, and husband James Hasketh having a second baby??

February 13, 2016
First published on:February 13, 2016
by HitBerry

A big congratulations goes out to 32 year old Greek actress, Spencer Grammer, and her husband, James Hasketh ! Our sources have just revealed that the actress is expecting her second baby , which will make Spencer's father, Kelsey Grammer , a grandpa for the second time!

Reports claim that the actress, age 32, who wed James on February 11,2013, will be soon welcoming a second baby. Her first child, Emmett Emmanual Hasketh, was born on October 10, after just eight months of her marriage.

Spencer had found out that she was expecting her first child just days before her marriage to James.

The fact about when she found out about her second pregnancy is yet to be disclosed.

It has already been three years since the actress started enjoying motherhood with her three year old son Emmett.

Recently, the actress and her better half are planning to welcome their second child.

Our source says, "Spencer and James have been very responsible parents. With the news of her second pregnancy, their happiness knows no bounds. They have been celebrating this moment with happiness and joy."

Furthermore, the insider also revealed that the couple is looking for the perfect moment to announce the pregnancy news.

Well, Spencer might have already started her preparations to welcome the new member.

As per, the actress had made enough preparations before Emmett was born. She told the magazine, “We painted [the nursery] months ago so there are no toxins and stuff and we have toys and a co-sleeper. We kind of were like, ‘we’ll just do one phase at a time.’ He’ll need a crib in a few more months.”

This means the actress will leave no stone unturned to welcome her upcoming baby either.

Our anonymous source reported that Spencer is quite close to her daddy Kelsey and step-mom Kayte. The family is often seen enjoying quality times together.

Well, if that's so, Spencer should take some parenting tips from her daddy (as he is a father of six children).

Also, Spencer is quite happy with her married life. It has already been three years of since her conjugal life started and the couple is still committed to it.

During her first pregnancy, the actress confirmed in an interview with People babies that James helped her a lot from picking up stuffs to climbing stairs other difficult chores.

Spencer is a renowned actress with an attractive figure and a height of 1.7 m. She has been featured in a good number of movies and tv shows. In addition to that, she is  daddy's girl and walks on the footsteps of her father Kelsey. She is supposed to have net worth of $1 million dollars.

Finally, the secret of Spencer pregnancy has been disclosed .We are still waiting for her to officially announce the news.

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