Actress Sofía Vergara returns to work a month after getting married to husband Joe Manganiello, talks to Ellen about having children

November 28, 2015
First Published On: November 28, 2015

Work really seems to the top priority for “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergera. The actress has resumed her work immediately after returning from honeymoon with her new husband Joe Manganiello. The two were married on November of 2015.

The couple spent their personal time after marriage in the tropical paradise of Turks and Cacios. Judging from their Instagram pics, the couple certainly had a ton of fun in their honeymoon. But Sofia Vergera, who is known to be very hardworking person between her peers, has decided she must resume her work, which was halted during her wedding.

“Only her honeymoon has ended. This doesn’t mean the fun has to end as well. They will always continue to have fun. But she has been away from work for a quite a while because of the marriage. Work has to be her first priority now”, close friend to Sofia said to our sources.

Vergara recently made an appearance in the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’. In the show, she discussed how her wedding went. She also discussed her plans after the marriage. She stated that she wanted to have a child with her new husband at some point in her life. She also called out on Ellen DeGeneres for not attending her marriage ceremony at the Palm Beach.

With elegant style, a sexy figure and an intelligent brain, Sofia Vergara is one of the most popular personalities in social medias .The actress often drops her amazing pictures in her Instagram account which has over 6 million followers. She is equally active on Twitter. She has over 8 million followers. She truly is one of the most famous faces out there today.

Sofia Vergara truly is a “Beauty with a Brain”. She used to attend a pre-dentistry school before her life on the screen. She is also a bilingual. She can fluently speak English and Spanish. Naturally blonde hair, perfect height and hazel eyes, Sofia Vergara catches everybody’s attention wherever she goes.  The Colombian born actress with curvalicious body and stunning smile has captured millions of hearts worldwide.

Sofia broke through Hollywood in her role as Gloria in Modern family. But before her Hollywood success, she was already popular in Hispanic community. She was already a runway model at the age of 23.She also co-hosted a travel show “Fuera de Sire” in 1995, which paved the way for her Hollywood success.

Sofia has received four consecutive Golden Globe nominations for the best supporting actor in comedy mini-series. She has also been nominated for Prime Time Emmy in several occasions. In 2011 she won Online Film and Television Association’s  award for Best Supporting Actress .It is reported that the actress brings home in excess of $190,000 per episode for her appearance in “Modern Family.