Actress Shelley Conn and Husband Jonathan Kerrigan thinking of having more children

HitBerryPublished on   06 Sep, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Steven Spielberg’s multi-million dollar TV show Terra Nova ended right after the first season. But it was a new beginning for the Mistresses actress Shelley Conn, who played the female lead in the short lived FOX’s science fiction drama. It was after the end of the first and the final season of the show that she found out that she was pregnant with her first baby. Now what could be more wonderful for a woman than the feeling of being a mother?

She gave birth to her first son with her actor husband, Jonathan Kerrigan in 2012. They named the baby boy, Oscar. Despite several speculations about her marriage with her boyfriend Kerrigan, whom she had been dating for almost a decade, the actress didn’t spill any information about her secret wedding with him in 2011 until 2013. The couple married in a pretty hushed up ceremony. The pair exchanged wedding vows in front of their close family members and friends.

It was only after the birth of her son that she won a prominent role in hit British shows such as Silent Witness, Heading Out, and BBC1 crime drama By Any Means and several movies. But it was after being a mother that she realized the pain and difficulty of raising a child.

Then, the actress revealed how working while raising a child is a difficult thing for a working mother like her. "When you're breast–feeding, it messes you up a bit," she told in an interview with Sunday Express back in 2013. "I stopped halfway through filming, and I felt so much better.

"Learning lines and getting into character was the easy part. It was a break from all of the madness!"

The actress had a really hard time working on-screen and maintaining her family life and giving time to husband and baby. The actress at one point also vowed that she would never consider being a mother again. She had had enough experience of the motherhood. She was struggling to juggle her professional life along with personal life. Everybody actually thought that the actress would think a million times before planning another child.

But it seems like the Terra Nova star has long forgotten her initial days and vows she made about being a mother as rumors are high that Shelley Conn is eager to have more children with her husband.

Yes guys, the Mistresses fame and her Casualty star husband are planning to have their second child after three years of giving birth to Oscar. And it is not we who say so, there is a secret source who is involved in passing us the personal scoops of Conn and her partner.

The anonymous source revealed that the actress, who has been living with her husband, has been planning to have their next baby for a very long time. The informant spoke confidently about the rumors being true. It also spilled the beans that it was actually Conn’s idea. It was she who wanted to have a second child. Kerrigan agreed with her as their first child is all grown up. The insider opened up that the couple wants a daughter this time as they already have a son in Oscar.

As the source revealed the secret intention of the couple, we hope that the pair will pretty soon announce the good news publicly on Twitter or Instagram.

Actress Shelley Conn was almost unknown to the people until she appeared in a role of Jessica in BBC1’s hit show Mistresses. The show was often dubbed as Britain’s answer to Sex and the City. It was after the role that the actress made it big in the show biz as she landed the role as the female lead in legendary film maker, Steven Spielberg’s multi-million dollar project, Terra Nova. The show was a milestone for the London-born actress as she fitted perfectly in the character of Dr. Elisabeth Shannon in the American science fiction drama. She bagged several important TV roles only after the birth of her first baby. It seems like the motherhood was indeed a boon for her.