Actress Selma Blair opens up about what she looks for in a boyfriend or a potential husband

December 14, 2015
First Published On: December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Sexy fire girl from “Hellboy”, Selma Blair, has shared her thoughts on what she looks for in a boyfriend or a potential second husband. Selma has been married once before and divorced her former husband way back 2006. And, in 2012, she split with her longtime partner, Jason Bleick. Since then, there have been no confirmed reports of her dating anyone.

Sources claim she has been indicating to her friends and family that she is finally ready to get back into the dating game. Although she is known to have said that she is looking for an ideal boyfriend, sources claim that what Selma actually meant was an ideal husband.

Selma has said that the characteristic she is looking for in a boyfriend is, first and foremost, honesty – someone who is not going to cheat on her like her former husband. She also said she has the utmost respect for a man of principles and she is searching for someone along the lines.

Another of Selma’s requirement is a person who is broad minded and is open to her shenanigans. She also says the person has to like children and be a good role model to her children. Selma is also looking for someone who will support her as well as criticize her work honestly.

Selma, on a professional level, is one of the most distinguished actresses to come from the 90’s generation.  In a career that has spanned over two decades, she has been featured in over fifty different productions.

Selma has also been hailed by prominent magazines like Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar as being the leading woman of “Hollywood’s Next Wave of Stars”.

Some of Selma’s most note worthy performances in movies have come from films such as “Cruel Intentions” ,” HellBoy” , “ Legally Blonde” , “Purple Violets”, “The Poker House “ and “ Columbus Circle”.

Currently, she is working on her upcoming movie “Mother’s day“, which is all set to release on the spring of 2016. In 2015 itself, she came out with three movies, one of which was a hit on the box office “Geezer”.

When it comes to TV shows, her most prominent work came from shows like “Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane” , “Kath & Kim” and “Anger Management“, where she starred alongside actor Charlie Sheen . She and Sheen were rumored to be in a relationship during their time together on the show. However, Selma dispelled all such rumors by saying, ”Our relationship is a professional one”.

Selma is also one of the most followed celebrities in America. She has over a million followers on social media. She is known to frequently post new feeds on her profile and communicate with her followers every now and then.

 She can be followed on popular picture sharing platform Instagram as therealselmablair. Her net worth remains undisclosed.