Actress Sarah Lancashire and husband Peter Salmon, married since 2001, headed for divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Jan, 2016Updated on   10 Jan, 2016

The magic seems to have faded from the marriage of actress Sarah Lancashire and her husband Peter Salmon. After spending 15 years of their life together and raising 3 children together, the two reportedly have finally had enough of each other. Reports are coming out that the actress wants to get divorced from her husband.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that the tensions between the two are on the rise. It is being said that Lancashire has found somebody other than Salmon and wants to terminate her relationship with him immediately and make a new start. The identity of this new man, however, has not yet been revealed.

Lancashire married television executive producer Peter Salmon on August, 2001. The two had admitted that they were very happy with their decision after their marriage. Their relationship was thought to be still going strong. But, recent have now reveled something completely different.

Lancashire’s marriage with Salmon is her second one. She was formerly married to her first boyfriend, Gary Hargreaves, at very young age of 22. At the time of their marriage, there was an 11 years age difference between the two. She has two sons from her previous marriage. Sarah has admitted in her interviews that she was very unhappy with her first marriage.

And judging from the look of things, her second marriage is also going down the same road as her first marriage. She reportedly doesn’t want to spend any more time with her current husband Solomon.

Sarah was inspired to pursue a career in acting by her father. Her father, Geoffrey Lancashire, was a television scriptwriter for the soap opera Coronation Street and the sit com The Cukoo Waltz. She discovered her interest in acting when she started playing for her high school music and drama team. In 1960, she got her big break into the theatres when she was casted in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers at Albery Theatre.

Her fist TV role came in 1988 in the TV series Dramarama. She impressed many critics and viewers through the performance she gave on the TV shows. This opened up the way for her mainstream success and popularity. She is best known for her work in movies like Lark Rise to Candleford and the 1997 hit Where the Heart Is. Her most recent appearance was in the TV miniseries Happy Valley in 2015.

The actress is not active on any social media platforms. Reports suggest that the actress believes she is too old to be spending her time on networking sites. But, this decision of hers has made it very difficult for her fans to keep up with the latest happenings in her life.

Lancashire’s career, unfortunately, is almost on the verge of an end. That is why her net worth is not very high. It is estimated to be only a little over $1 million dollars.