Actress Sarah Hyland is much of a tattoo lover: humming bird on her neck, new arrow in the back and now where?

June 2, 2016
First published on:June 2, 2016
by HitBerry

You may know her as Hayley Dunphy from Modern Family but Sarah Hyland is so much more than just being Hayley! Sarah Hyland has always something exciting going on in her life. Sometimes she surprises us as Taylor Swift’s new best friend, sometimes with a stunning hair makeover and many times with a new tattoo!

Yes! Sarah Hyland has a brand new tattoo again! This time, it’s set right across her ribcage. And it reads ‘follow my heartbeat’ followed by a tiny flower. The infamous tattoo artist Dr. Woo was the one who gave Hyland her third tattoo as well. Dr. Woo was the same artist who got her the first two tattoos. Sarah has still not publicized her new tattoo, it was the tattoo artist himself who shared his work on his Instagram with the caption,

“Fineline preSCRIPTion for @therealsarahhyland #seewhatididthere”


Fineline preSCRIPTion for @therealsarahhyland #seewhatididthere

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The 25-year-old Modern Family star got her first tattoo in 2014 which was a hummingbird behind her ear. She shared her first tattoo on Instagram with the caption that hinted towards her past abusive relationship,

“The hummingbird, though it be but little, can travel great distances. It is a carrier of joy and lightness of being. Independent and resilient; the hummingbird lifts negative energy from your life and shows you the perfect combination of playfulness and endurance. Thank you @dr_woo_ssc for giving me this little guy to always remind me that (and whisper sweet nothings in to my ear) ?

In March 2015, she got another tattoo with her best-friend which was an arrow on her back.

The best friends and their matching tattoos.      Source: DailyMail

Those were just about her tattoos but Sarah Hyland has been in the news for many things. The $2 million worth Vampire Academy starlet was once accused of having a nasty drinking problem! She slammed those rumors in a fabulous tweet. SLAY!

She stunned everyone with her new hairstyle for her new movie Dirty Dancing! Sarah Hyland does literally SLAY whether it’s rocking her tattoos or slamming rumors. YOU GO GIRL!


Say hello to Lisa Houseman ????????

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