Actress Samantha Bond, married to actor Alex Hanson, spills on who is the best movie kisser

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Samantha Bond, who is married to actor Alex Hanson, recently spilled on who is the best movie kisser; Pierce Brosnan or Sean Bean?

The English actress, who is best known for her role as Miss Moneypenny in four of the James Bond movies alongside the former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, revealed who was better at kissing; the protagonist or the antagonist.

Bond sat down for an interview with the Mirror, where she not only talked about the “best kisser” and her days when she was part of the James Bond franchise, but about her other projects as well. 

Bond, who is popular for her role as Lady Rosamund Painswick in Downton Abbey, played the role of Bond girl, Miss Moneypenny. She was mostly asked about her experience as a Bond girl.

When the interviewer asked if she enjoyed talking about the Bond movies, she replied: “It isn’t that, it’s just I haven’t made a James Bond film in 17 years, and if you roll all my screen time into one it would be the smallest role I’ve ever done.” 

And that was when the actress shyly revealed who the best kisser was. She said: “So although I’m proud to have done them, I had a hoot, and yes, Pierce Brosnan is a great kisser, better than Sean Bean. But I don’t know what else to say.”

We do believe that no one can be a better kisser than Mr. Bond himself (wink).

We also got to know a really interesting fact about Bond, we mean Samantha Bond. She admitted that she had never ever seen a Bond film in a cinema. Say what??!!

“To be honest, I’d never seen a Bond film in a cinema and I had no idea of the scale of what I was getting into. I didn’t know it was a global thing. I thought he was just a British spy person,” she said.

The interviewer further asked Bond whether she was recognized by people for her role as Moneypenny and she answered jokingly, “Men of a certain age will get dewy eyed. I was their Moneypenny. People are always immensely polite. I get asked for selfies, I don’t mind now I’ve mastered holding the phone at a proper angle.”

Besides talking about James Bond movies, Pierce Brosnan and kissing, the beautiful actress, aged 54, talked about her latest project, ITV’s WWII drama ‘Home Fires’. In the drama, we can see her as Frances Barden, a no-nonsense, radical thinker who believes that women and the Women’s Institute (WI) can contribute to the war effort. However, she didn’t reveal much about her new project. 

While going through the interview, we came to learn that Bond absolutely hates to watch herself on screen. “I do, but behind a sofa. It’s horrible,” she replied when she was asked if she watched her own shows. 

The Downton Abbey star also revealed that her beloved husband Hanson was her worst critics and vice versa. She said: “Yes, we’re each other’s worst critics. We go to see each other’s previews, and then we get home, pour wine, then someone who loves me starts giving me notes on my performance with cutting honesty.” That’s kind of bitter sweet, isn’t it?

She further added: “Quite often I have to get up and walk around the kitchen table several times. Then Alex says, "Do you want me to stop?" and I take a sip of wine and tell him to continue. It’s hard, but if he won’t tell me, who will?”

The couple currently lives in St Margarets, London with their two children, Molly and Tom. One can easily follow her on Twitter, but she is not active on Instagram.