Actress Sadie Frost, married and divorced twice with four children, is looking for the perfect relationship

July 22, 2015
First Published On: July 22, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Sadie Frost is looking for a perfect relationship.

The Diamond Skulls star who recently turned 50 last month has admitted that she is in a quest to find true love. She also said that she felt under "pressure" to achieve everything she's ever wanted as she turned 50, including finding the right person in her life.

The actress who posted a photograph of herself as a teenager on the beach on Instagram last month, said in an interview with The Times newspaper: "I wanted to be able to tick all the boxes, so I put expectations on myself. I am happy with my career, I am happy with my kids, so it was 'now I want the perfect relationship'. There is always something, but if you put too much pressure on yourself you implode."

It’s hard to believe that this hot actress who has appeared in numerous films and music videos in her career has four children; 24-year-old son Finlay from her first marriage to Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and children Rafferty, 18, Iris, 14, and Rudy, 12, with second husband Jude Law. The enigmatic actress seems to be rocking her body which looks very young despite her age. This might be the reason why Frost seems to be getting into several relationships with various men.

Rumor has it that she is dating multi-millionaire Darren Strowger.

Despite dating lots of handsome men, she has hardly been able to stay away from complications in her relationships. She was given a warning for assault by police in 2012 during a row with her former boyfriend, model James Gooding. She later confessed that she needed to learn to be more tolerant in her love life.

She admitted: "I have got a lot of tolerance and patience in most areas of my life. It's when I come to relationships that I need to practice patience and tolerance."

Besides having problems in her relationships, Frost, who is famous for her Bob hairstyle, has gone through a lot of other troubles in her personal life as well.

Actress Frost became a victim of illegal phone hacking scandal when the Mirror Group Newspapers hacked her phone calls along with other personalities like Paul Gascoigne and Alan Yentobr. The Mirror Group allegedly hacked their conversation from her phone for several years and published news about her attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2005. She told court that she was "incredibly embarrassed and humiliated" after the news was published. She also tagged the Daily Mirror article - which was the product of phone-hacking - as the "lowest of the low".

Earlier this year all the victims including her were compensated for the damages from Mirror Group Newspapers where Frost won 260,000 pound.

Frost, an English producer and Fashion designer, runs her own fashion label Frost French and she has also set up her own Film Production Company, Blonde to Black Pictures. Super model Kate Moss is her best friend.

Frost is also the writer of the famous books “Sadie Frost: My Autobiography”, “Back in 5 Minutes - an expression of depression” and “Nourish: Mind, Body and Soul" for which she got a lot of love from her fans in Twitter and other social networking site.

Frost married actor Gary Kemp in 1988 but they divorced in 1995. Now, she lives with her children in North London.