Actress Rolonda Watts getting married to hot boyfriend Ataveus Cash

December 16, 2015
First Published On: December 16, 2015
by HitBerry

Divorce Court anchor and popular American actress Rolonda Watts and her boyfriend Ataveus Cash have made plans to get married sometime early next year. Rolonda and Ataveus are very thrilled and exited for the upcoming wedding, according to our sources.

Rolonda, although fifty six years in age, has said she does not feel too old for marriage. Ataveus has also said that the age difference between them has never been a problem for either of them. This being Rolonda’s first marriage, and at such a late age, she has said she feel very young – as though she is still in her late twenties.

Rolonda and Ataveus have been planning to get married in Rolonda’s home town of Winston-Salem. Ataveus has said that he is fine anything his future wife plan for the wedding ceremony, as he says, she deserves it all.

Sources also claim that the ceremony is going to be an extravagant affair. Many prominent celebrities and former NFL team mates of Ataveus are all expected to attend the event. Ataveus has also already chosen a ring for Rolonda and sources claim it is quite a spectacular ring.

Rolonda is also going to get a high end car for her soon to be husband as a wedding present, say inside sources. Rolonda and Ataveus first met a couple of years back and have been dating ever since then. As a boyfriend, Ataevus has been very supportive of Rolonda and has been seen alongside her in all major functions.

Ataevus and Rolonda also have plans to start a family soon after their marriage. Sources claim that they will probably look into adoption. The couple, although together for a long time, had never found the appropriate time to tie the knot. But they are finally doing so and friends and family from both sides are extremely happy with their decision.

Rolonda, on a professional level, has had an outstanding career. She has been a part of over thirty different productions in both movies and TV shows alike. Her recent work, “Madea’s Tough Love”, release at the start of the month and has already received favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.

Some of Rolonda’s career highlights come from TV shows like “Days of Our Lives”, “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Curious George”.  She is currently working on two undisclosed projects which are set to premier next summer.

Rolanda has given the credit for her success to her father and brother, who she says have been, and continue to be, the biggest inspiration in her life. Rolanda’s father is a fine arts academic and inspired her to take up theatre in high school.

Rolanda’s net worth remains undisclosed. The major parts of her earnings come from her novels, television and radio talk shows and various motivational speaking seminars.