Actress Rita Simons, age 38, and husband Theo Silverston pregnant with an "Oops" baby??

HitBerryPublished on   16 Feb, 2016Updated on   16 Feb, 2016

Actress Rita Simons, aged 38, and her husband Theo Silverston are pregnant with an "Oops" baby, rumor has it. 

Well, it is being widely speculated that the couple, who has been married for almost a decade, are expecting a child. But apparently, they were not expecting it. Wait what?

Let us clear away the confusion. The 38 year old actress and singer is a mother to twin daughters, Jaimee Leah and Maiya Sammy. While Jaimee can hear normally, her twin Maiya has been deaf since her birth.

When the girl was just six months old, doctors discovered that Maiya was missing nerve endings and parts of her cochlea in her ears. This made it difficult for the little girl to hear properly and as the years passed, her hearing deteriorated. And while the couple already have lot to worry about, the news of this unexpected pregnancy is shocking in itself. 

A source close to Simons and Silverston has shared some exclusive information about the actress’ pregnancy and also given us the details about what the couple would do to deal with this “Oops’ baby. 

The insider, who claims to have known the much in love pair personally, revealed that Simons was pregnant with her third baby. The insider also said that the couple had no intention of having any more children in future. But unfortunately, Simons got pregnant quite unexpectedly. And now, according to the informant, they are regretting it. 

“Rita and Theo never wanted have another baby. They are and always wanted to stay focused on their two daughters, especially Maiya, who needs special care and attention. The baby happened accidently and now the couple is regretting it,” said the source. 

But why do they regret it so much? It was simply a mistake. You can’t control or stop something that has already happened, can you? But the tale bearer has an answer for this question as well.

They stated: “They are regretting it because Rita and Theo feel that they were not careful enough. They think that they should have been more careful as they were already under birth control precaution. But due to their one little mistake, Rita is pregnant and that is the reason why the couple is blaming themselves for all of it.

“I don’t know what they will do now. But as far as I am concerned, Rita and Theo are good parents and they would never think of aborting the unborn baby. In spite of Maiya’s hearing disorder, the couple has never done anything to make her feel low. Both the girls are special to them and they have never treated either of them as a burden. So I think Rita and Theo will keep the baby,” explained the source.

 So, if it is true, then we would like to wish the couple our warm wishes for the baby and their future. 

The English actress, singer, and model from London, who is passionate about singing, married her hairdresser husband Silveston in 2006. The couple started dating when she was just 19. 

Her net worth remains undisclosed.