Actress Regina Hall still dating Arron Afflalo, Afflalo turning into a serious boyfriend

HitBerryPublished on   07 Oct, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021

American actress and comedienne Regina Hall and veteran NBA player Arron Afflalo were rumored to be dating each other earlier this year as the 44 year old beauty was seen on several of his games. They became the celebrity hot couple of tinsel town within a few days and the news of them dating became a Hollywood hot gossip overnight. But nothing much has been heard about this sensational couple lately. So, this has created some doubt about whether they are seeing each other or not. What do you think? Are they still together or was their fling only a short lived?

According to, the ‘With This Ring’ star and the NBA star was last seen together on courthouse at a Denver Nuggets game and the actress’ eyes were only on the handsome dude and nobody else. And after that, the couple has not been seen together anywhere or in any of his games. And this made people wonder about their relationship. But we know one thing most people don’t. The pair is still in a relationship and they are perfectly happy. So you might be wondering if they are indeed together, then why haven’t they been seen together publicly? What is making them maintain their distance?

“They are keeping their distance from each other because they don’t want their relationship to be all over the gossip mags.”, a source revealed.

According to a source close to the couple, the duo is still doing great as a couple and they are getting more serious about their relationship every day. The insider added: “They are very much in love with each other. Their relationship started as a fling. But now, Regina and Arron have been giving much thought to it.”

The source also stated that the couple started staying away from the prying eyes of media, because Hall’s appearance in the game brought a storm of speculation from the media. “Regina had just started seeing him then and she wanted everything to remain low profile. But, her simple visit to the courthouse led to several speculations and gossips about their relationship. She never expected that to happen.

“But it did and now she does not want people talking about the two of them anymore. She wants to lead a normal life and wants to get married. She wants him to be her husband some day and she has been hoping the day would come soon,” the informant revealed.

Hall, who has appeared in several films and TV movies like "The Best Man Wedding," "Think Like A Man," "About Last Night," "Death at a Funeral" and "Scary Movie" previously dated Damien Dante Wayans and also appeared on several episodes of his recent BET "Second Generation" reality show.

Hall, who belongs to African-American ethnicity, has a successful acting career and she has also been praised as an extremely talented actress. The actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million and she is quite active on Twitter as well. And now that she has finally found the love of her life and we wish her and her boyfriend happy times ahead.