Actress Rachelle Lefevre getting married to her longtime boyfriend Chris Crary??

September 2, 2015
First published on:September 2, 2015
by HitBerry

From waiting tables back in Canada to starring in a George Clooney directed movie to a major role in the Twilight saga to now getting married – it’s been one great ride for the Canadian born actress Rachelle Lefevre. And after getting engaged to her long term boyfriend, rumor has it that wedding is on the cards. But also to be noted, there was a big gossip when it was reported that her boyfriend Chris Crary was cheating her with another women. Which of the two rumors is true? Well, it’s hard to find out.

Lefevre, age 34, had talked to TV WEEK about her engagement with the chef. Her current boyfriend (soon to be husband) apparently had popped the question back in 2013 after proposing with a stunning diamond engagement ring. The ring, as expected, was one great beauty and designed by Lefevre’s favorite jewelry designers. How’s that for a proposal??

Rachelle recalled “He got the ring and I think it was just burning a hole in his pocket because it was very spur of the moment so he’d clearly just decided. This came after the two spent almost eighteen months together with each other.

If Levefre was told that she’d be where she is today, she would definitely think of it as a fairytale. After being spotted in Canada, she moved to Los Angeles where she starred in the series What About Brian. After that, there was apparently no turning back. It was followed by an appearance in the awesome TV show Boston legal and eventually, a lead role in BBC hit Life on Mars.

This then led to various sorts of appearances in various sorts of movies. Apart from her famous stint in the first two releases of the much loved (and hated) vampire saga Twilight, she has made other notable appearances, which include film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, directed by George Clooney, Picking Up and Dropping OffSee Jane DateHatley High, The Legend of Butch and Sundance and the The River King which also starred Edward Burns. Today, she has a net worth reaching millions and has proved to be a role model to many aspiring young actresses.

Now that she is one of the most known celebrities in town, with admirable followers on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, it’s not hard to imagine that her rumored wedding will be a big lavish affair. Yet, given she has not spoken about it and nor has she talked about the apparent rumor we can’t be too sure.

As far as we know, the affair is a bogus. I mean, who would want to go out with any other women if he dating the hot Levefre himself. Only a fool and Chris is no fool!!

We’ll be keeping an eye on her Twitter and Instagram for any hint of a wedding to come!!