Actress Rachel Blanchard, falsely rumored to be married with husband and kids, is not even dating!!

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

“I have a friend who puts some pretty provocative pictures on Facebook and every address she's ever lived at and I think... I just don't understand it. I do think it's kind of dangerous. The internet is amazing, but there is definitely a limit and I don't think we've really realized what that limit should be. It can be kind of isolating and it can be completely obsessive; just the need to check everything all the time. I'm taking a little break from the internet right now. I'm still using my e-mail, which isn't that much of a break, but I'm trying not to use the internet too much right now and I'm not on Facebook or Skype. You don't want to live your life around a computer.”

This is what actress Rachel Blanchard said during an interview with long ago. The Frago star, aged 39, loves to live a low profile life and does not find social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram very appealing. This is the reason why she, unlike other Hollywood celebs, likes to remain discreet and does not want to deal with the media often.

There have been several speculations regarding her personal life, and the most common topic of discussion regarding the Fargo star is her dating life. The actress has been a target of media speculations and rumors from a very long time. In fact there is one such incident that almost shattered her family life last year.

The actress, who is most prominently known for TV series like "Clueless" and movies like "Road Trip", became the victim of an internet hoax spread by a stalker last year. The stalker went so far as to spread the rumor that she was married to someone named Adrian Brown and even had two children; a son Ian and a daughter Katie Elizabeth, with her alleged husband. According to the hoax, the actress met Brown while filming in UK for "Peep Show" in 2004 and that they married the next year.

The actress cleared out the preposterous rumors immediately while talking to ABC, "I don’t have [two kids] -- that's a rumor.

 "I think I have an Internet stalker, who started that and then won’t take it down. I keep having it taken down and he keeps putting it back up. But I don’t have a husband, I don’t have two kids."

"My mom’s friend called in tears that she wasn't invited to the wedding," she revealed. "I lost a job because I was apparently pregnant with my second child. It's really annoying. ... Help me stop that rumor!"

The actress, who belongs to the Canadian nationality, has never been seen with anyone that could be described as her boyfriend and no news about her affair with anyone has ever been heard. So the rumors about her wedding almost shocked her fans. But, they can now rest assured that this is just a hoax.

The Canadian actress is very much focused on her acting career right now and she does not seem very interested in engaging in any sort of romantic affair right away. The actress is currently single and rocking her single girl lifestyle. She has not been involved with any of the men in Hollywood neither is she dating anyone at the moment. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, who intentionally publicize their private lives and spill the secrets of their love life to gossip rags, she loves to remain away from the prying eyes of media and paparazzi.

The actress is currently enjoying her career in Hollywood with a net worth of around $2 million dollar.