Actress/Producer Rashida Jones and boyfriend Colin Jost getting married??

November 26, 2015
First Published On: November 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Rumors have it, American actor, film producer and screen writer, Rashida Jones is going to tie the knot with Colin Jost, with whom she has been in a relationship with since September 2012. Jones, who is recognized for her role in hit Television series, "Parks and Recreation," is now considering settling down with her boyfriend Jost.

The actress was formerly engaged to  music producer Mark Ronson in 2003. Since then, she has been in and out of relationship with many famous faces, notably Tobey Maguire. Rashida Jones, who formerly dated the likes of Mark Ronson and Seth Meyers, was even rumored to be dating Rapper and song writer Drake in early 2012. But now, it seems she has settled down and is planning on getting married to Saturday Night Live Script writer Colin Just, a fellow Harvard University Alum.

The couple, who were first spotted together in late 2012, have now been together for 3 years. It is reported that both Jost and Jones believe their relationship has grown stronger in these three years. They are now eager to seal their relationship with a marriage. Believer of astrology herself, Jones is a Pisces and Jost is a Cancer. She reportedly believes that her relationship with Jost is astrologically compatible.

Reliable sources have confirmed that Rashida Jones, is getting married according to Jewish tradition, although she had previously experimented with her religious belief by converting into Hinduism. It is also being said that her close friends, notably Chris Pratt, Andy Samberg and Jason Segal, already know about the upcoming wedding and have special invitations to the ceremony.

Born in the 70s (when inter-racial marriages were not as common) to an African-American father and Jewish mother, the actress is of mixed ethnicity . She has stated that it was not acceptable for her parents to be together (at the time of her conception) in her autobiography.  A self proclaimed 'nerd', Jones is a Harvard graduate of the year 1997 and is one of the few smart beauties in today's film industry.

Jones’ net worth is valued at over 10 million dollars according to, courtesy of her writing, acting and singing skills. She found her way to mainstream success after her break-out role on the movies adaptation of the book," The Last Don" by  Mario Paso.

Her writing career began when she sold the publishing rights to her comic "Fernery of the State" to Oni Press. She also provides backing vocal for famous pop band Maroon 5. Right now, Rashida Jones is considered to be one of the hottest actresses in Comedy right now.

Her good looks, sexy body and intellectual mind seems to have captivated a lot of people throughout the world. Her twitter account has over 1 million followers from around the world, which is proof of her global popularity. She also has an Instagram account, @rashidajones, with over 289k followers.