Actress Phyllis Logan was surprised to find out she was getting married to on-screen husband Jim Carter in Downton Abbey

October 17, 2015
First Published On: October 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Phyllis Logan is best known to young audiences for playing the role of Mrs. Hughes “the housekeeper” along with actor Jim Carter, who portrayed the character of Mr. Carson “the butler”, in the British period drama television series. But never had Logan imagined that her role required her to marry Carson. 

The actress revealed to the media that she was surprised to find out she was getting married to the butler aka Jim Carter in Downton Abbey series. Logan was awestruck by Mrs Hughes and Carson romance.

And now that we have already seen them tying the knots in the ITV hit drama earlier this month, let us take our time to get to know more about how actress Logan felt when she first read the script for the sixth series and found out about the to-be-wedding between Hughes and Carson.

The actress said that she was surprised when she learnt about their marriage in the series 6. According to the actress, aged 59, she was taken aback by the romance between them two at the latter half of their lives. The Scottish actress confessed: “From what I can remember we got the script last year and suddenly we were like ‘wow, okay’, so you just get your head around that and you have to start filming it really. We took it on board and embraced it – and each other.”

The actress explained that she was pretty much surprised yet excited and was enjoying her on-screen romance and marriage between Hughes and Carson.

She said: “I think we owe it to our public. Yes, I think it’s crying out for a bit of middle age romance.”

The actress started showing off her charm as a kind hearted and loving housekeeper Mrs. Hughes from the year 2010, the year when the period drama started. From the very beginning of the series, Carson was in love with Hughes but the housekeeper didn’t let passion and romance enthrall her. She rather chose Downton over Carson’s love. But Carson finally won her heart and now they are married.

The Lovejoy actress recently revealed during the TV show’s press conference that she found the scenes, which features the discussion between Carson and Mrs Patmore (played by Leslie Nicol) about  things that happen in the marriage bed quite “hilarious”.

According to her, Hughes is not comfortable with sex and stuff and is worried that her husband would hardly find her attractive as she has a body of an old woman. Though the series is set in early 1920s when the conversation about sex was something that people would not only find awkward but offensive as well, it did take place in the show and audiences got to witness it as well.

While Mrs. Hughes would have fainted before hearing the talk between Carson and Patmore, Logan admitted that she enjoyed it thoroughly, “I thoroughly enjoyed doing all those scenes with both Leslie and Jim, they did brilliantly. But what a funny storyline and what a friend Mrs Patmore is that she actually did that for Mrs Hughes.”

Logan might have gotten married in Downton Abbey at the age of 63, but this talented actress is married to her husband, actor Kevin McNally in real life. They started dating in 1994 and tied the knot in 2011. They have a son named David who was born in 1996.

The actress does not have a personal Twitter or Instagram account, so you’ll have to depend on us to supply constant news about Logan!!