Actress Natalia Dyer is dating cute boys. Know about her affairs and boyfriend

Superstar for Netflix presented Stranger Things Natalia Dyre obviously catches eyes of every handsome gentleman as she is hotter than hell and at the same time looks pretty adorable in 80's fashion attire in the series. The hit TV actress has gained a lot of fame from her role in the series and with growing fame people are more curious about her relationship and dating history. The actress is obviously around some of the Hollywood's cutest stars so, it is obvious to gossip about the fact that she might be dating anyone of the younger actors in the series.

So, in today's digest we are about to put the light on her relationship status and at the end of this article, we believe our viewers are going to get an overall image of her personality and are surely going to know if she is single or dating someone. So, boys let's get straight into Dyre's personal life and explore some secret about her in today's gossip.

Is Dyer single?

Once you are a superstar favorite among teenagers it is hard for you to maintain your image and a little-unwanted rumor and unnecessary publicity of your personal life can get you totally Miley Cyrused. Which may be one of the many reasons that are affecting Dyre to confess about her love life.

So, the former Disney star and recent Netflix actress remain lip locked about her personal life as far as possible which is a wise decision as people can't help talking about her and guessing things which keep Natalia on the top of speculations among her fans.

But, so far the actress has not admitted if she is in love with her actor friend Charlie Heaton or any other boyfriend from the entertainment business. But one thing is pretty sure that the actress has many options to start her love life as the show is filled with handsome actors liked by many female fans all over the world.

People think that Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are dating

Being around handsome actors like Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery and not being gossiped about falling in love is near to impossible and it looks like same is happening with the co-stars of Stranger Things but if we exclude Joe for being a little younger than Natalia, we are left with only one sensible option Charlie Heaton.



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Heaton who is two years elder than Dyer seems like a perfect on-screen couple and over the years there are a lot of instances where an on-screen couple has grown into real life couple just like Robert Pattinson and Kristian Stuart did while they were working in Twilight. So, same can be going in between these two young on-screen couple.

But so far none of it has been confirmed by the actor or the actress to the media. Well, all fingers are crossed and we are desperately waiting to hear from any of these two stars about their ongoing Paramore.

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