Actress Naomie Harris and boyfriend Peter Legler, dating since 2012, caught showing PDA, rumors they might get married

HitBerryPublished on   15 Sep, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2021

Hot Bond girl Naomie Harris and her boyfriend Peter Legler have been surprising their fans for a quite long time. The cute couple, who has been dating each other since 2012, gave their fans and lovers a huge surprise by going public for the first time back in 2013. The couple, who had been with each other for a year back then, had been avoiding the media encounter as much as possible. But their first rare public appearance made everybody both glad and astonished at the same time.

The Skyfall actress and her beau gave us another pleasant surprise as they were caught showing PDA last year while having a romantic dinner together at Roka Japanese restaurant in London. And now guys, it is time for another flabbergasting news about our favorite Bond girl that is sure to knock some air from your lungs. The cuddly couple are about to get married. Yayy!!

But here’s a disappointing fact. Though the news about their alleged wedding has surfaced, it has not been confirmed by either of them. We got the information from one of our sources, who claims to be quite close to the couple. According to the source, the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest star and her boyfriend had been planning their wedding for a year now. He said that they wanted to marry in 2013, but due to Harris’ pretty tight schedule, they could not tie the knot. And now, it looks as if the couple is all set to ring the wedding bell in the latter half of 2015 or earlier in 2016.

“It was Naomie’s idea to get married but due to her busy work schedule the couple could not tie the knot. Both her hands were full as she had movies like Skyfall and Mandela to work on,” revealed the insider.

“The role of a Bond girl is not something that comes to you every other day. So when Naomie got the part of Eve Moneypenny, she was determined to do it. But she didn’t want to postpone their big day as it was her idea but Peter convinced her and she finally did it.”

The informant also added that Harris’ boyfriend is one of a kind and he is really kind and supportive. He loves her more than his life and has been there for her. It stated: “I have never seen a guy like him. He is the man. They are one of a few interracial couples in Hollywood, so they sometimes face problems from their family, but he is there on her side no matter what.”

The insider added that the couple has already started to make plans for their wedding. It stated: “The preparation is going on in a full swing but the pair has not finalized the date of their big day.

“And they do not have any intention of announcing their wedding before it happens. They tried to keep their relationship quiet in the beginning and they are thinking of doing the same this time,” added the source.

It also revealed that the couple was not quite happy with the constant interference of media in their personal lives. So they will most probably hold their wedding abroad, Europe maybe…

So now that the source has confirmed that Naomie Harris and Peter Legler are exchanging their wedding vows pretty soon, we wish the lovely actress, who belongs to Afro-Jamaican, Afro-Trinidadian ethnicity, and her to-be-husband a happy married life in advance.

The actress is currently busy promoting the new James Bond movie Spectre on her Twitter handle. She has the estimated net worth of $4 million.