Actress Molly Hagan, aged 54, reveals why she didn't have kids on Twitter

HitBerryPublished on   01 Oct, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Actress Molly Hagan, aged 54, has never wanted to have kids. Why? She revealed the reason herself.

The actress, aged 54 recently shared a video titled ‘To All the Cynics’, made by aspiring film maker Casey Gates based on an essay by female writer Jazmine Aluma on her Twitter account. Along with the inspirational video from Vimeo, the Unfabulous star, wrote a caption that goes like this:  

“I didn't have children because I thought the world too 'F'ed up, but too populated.” Say what??!!

One of her followers named This_Is_My_Design, was really quick to reply to her tweet. He/she wrote: “‏@Louie_Houghton @mollyhagan It's a strange one, I did the same thing "No kids cos the world's f'ed up—But I'm now Babysitter for the whole bloody family J.”

So after reading Hagan’s tweet, we can imagine how you all must have reacted. Somehow, Hagan’s post sounds funny. It might not have made sense to many of us, but it does to several people. There are many who agree with Hagan. And even if we don’t agree, we can’t possibly say it is wrong because it is her honest opinion. And when we think about the matter seriously, we might see a point in her tweet and looking at her, we don’t think she was just joking.

Her decision to not have children to save the human population from catastrophe kind of makes sense as she is still single and has not had any romantic relationship with any men. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

She is already in her mid-fifties. She has not married yet and she hasn’t shown any sign of dating anyone right away. And reading her tweets makes us feel like “this woman is damn serious about what she is saying”. So has she really made up her mind to not date or marry or conceive?

Looking back at her past life, we don’t see a trace of love in her life. She has been single from the very beginning of her career in Hollywood. It seems like Hagan has always been the kind of person who prioritizes her career rather than her personal life. Paparazzo and the prying eyes of media have never been interested in her private life. And even if they were, Hagan is careful enough not to spill the beans.

Hagan has appeared and co-starred in several TV shows and films like Code of Silence (1985), Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), The Dentist (1996) and Election (1999). She is quite well-known for her roles in television on Herman's Head and Unfabulous. But despite having a booming career, she has not given thought to marriage or dating. Celebrities as popular, talented and charming as her could easily find a worthy partner or husband. But maybe this woman really thinks that the world is ‘too F’ed up’ and she does not want to over populate the world with her kids.